History SI Leaders

HIST 165-01F/002

Suzanne is a history major from Bellingham, MA. She is a firm believer in hands-on learning and hopes to one day help students develop an interest and understanding of history working for a museum or historical site. Suzanne became an SI Leader because of how helpful SI was to her, and hopes to provide the same support for Dr. Bollettino's students.

HIST 152-001

Mike is a History major with an American Studies minor from Canterbury, Connecticut. He hopes, as an SI Leader and a non-traditional student, he can offer students advice on effective time management and spread his love of American history. When he’s not working full time, he enjoys reading, watching documentaries, and spoiling his dog, Neal.

HIST 176-01F

Taylor is a History major from Natick, MA who hopes to travel abroad with her degree. She wanted to become a SI Leader because she hopes to eventually become a history teacher. Taylor likes to hike, swim, cook and create- mostly by drawing and writing. She is also third-generation Portuguese.

HIST 250-001

Kieran is a History major, born in Hong Kong, raised in Chicago, and currently living in Marlborough, MA. He became a SI Leader to help nurture a love of history in others and foster interests such as his in medieval history, the 18th century, and the Cold War. He enjoys playing guitar and metal bands like Iron Maiden.