History SI Leaders

HIST 120-01F/002

Sam is a junior-year History major at FSU and she is from Marlborough, MA. She wanted to be an SI Leader not just because she wants to be a history teacher after college, but she strives to always help others and promote positivity. For hobbies and interests, Sam loves rock music and adores Disney. She also loves to eat and travel when her head isn't in the books!

HIST 152-001

Becca is from Ashland, Ma. She is a junior History major with a coordinate major in Early Childhood Education. Becca is also in the Honors Program and works as a Foundations Peer Mentor on campus!

HIST 165 & HIST 250

Suzanne is a History major from Bellingham, MA. She is a firm believer in hands-on learning and hopes to one day help students develop an interest and understanding of history working for a museum or historical site. Suzanne became an SI Leader because of how helpful SI was to her, and hopes to provide the same support for Dr. Bollettino's students.

SOCI 301-001

Jessica is a sophomore, majoring in Sociology. She is from Framingham and she is involved in many of the youth sports programs in the city. Jessica wanted to become an SI Leader because she loves working with other students and teaching people things she is passionate about. She understands when life throws you curve balls and she hopes to be a resource for you whenever you are in need.