Mathematics SI Leaders

MATH 123-005/015

Ed is a Computer Science major graduating in 2021. He is from Arlington, Ma and wanted to become an SI leader because he always enjoyed helping people in class. In his free time, Ed enjoys spending time with his family and going on his boat to fish.

MATH 120-001

Bio coming soon!

MATH 206-001

Adi is a Sophomore and a Math major. She is from Puerto Rico, but currently lives in Framingham. She wanted to become an SI Leader because she wanted to help other people who are struggling in the same classes she once took. She is bilingual and knows how to speak Spanish. In her free time, Adi enjoys drawing.

MATH 217-002

Mike is a Finance major from Brockton, MA. He remembers helping his peers in the classroom when he took Business Calculus and understands how crucial, and difficult this course can be. At FSU he is the President of the Marketing Club, a Senator-at-Large with SGA and a Forward for the Rugby Team.

MATH 200-002/003

Natasha is an Early Childhood Education major with a concentration in Natural Science. She also has minors in math and biology. Natasha is from Sherborn, MA. She wanted to become an SI leader because she finds great satisfaction in being able to help students understand challenging material that they will hopefully use in their careers. She also loves to cook and write poems on her free time.

MATH 110-001/002

Emma is a sophomore this year. Her major is Elementary Education with a coordinate in Mathematics. She is from Wilmington, MA and this is her second semester as an SI Leader. Emma is also a part of the Framingham State Dance Team and she enjoys spending time with her friends.

MATH 123-06S

James Longnecker is a senior Mathematics major. He loves math and sharing his love of math with other people. He recognizes that many people do not particularly like math, so his goal as an S.I. is to help students learn math in ways that are easy for them, and hopefully in ways that they will be able to enjoy. James has always enjoyed helping and teaching people, and being an S.I. is a great first step on his path to becoming a math teacher.

STAT 117-005

Marissa is a sophomore Fashion Design major. She is from Dennis, MA but has also lived in Brattleboro, VT. She became an SI leader because she hopes she can help others work through hard concepts and topics in statistics. She enjoys making ceramics, cooking, hiking, and listening to music.

MATH 110-0

Grace is a junior studying Elementary Education with an interdisciplinary major in Language Arts. She is from East Longmeadow, a town in Western Mass. Her hobbies include skiing, exercising, and shopping. Grace chose to be an SI leader so she could help her peers earn good grades and earn experience working with others academically.

MATH 123-001/011

Catherine is majoring in Biology with a minor in Secondary education. She is from Shrewsbury, Ma and she hopes to become a high school Human Anatomy and Biology teacher. She became an SI leader to help out fellow students who are struggling in math. Catherine enjoys painting, binge watching Grey's Anatomy, and cooking.