Full-time Faculty

Elizabeth Perry, Ph.D.
Professor of Art History

BA, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
MA, Ph.D, Brown University

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Courses Taught
ARTH 160 Introduction to the World of Art
ARTH 202 History of Art I
ARTH 272 History of Art II
ARTH 273 Modern Art History
ARTH 285 The Art of Asia
ARTH 288 Latin American Art
ARTH 290 Study Tour in Art and Architecture
ARTH 374 The Art of the Renaissance
ARTH 375 Northern Renaissance
ARTH 276 The Art of Baroque Period
ARTH 389 Special Topics in Art History
ARTH 483 Seminar in the History of Art
ARTH 484 Seminar in the History of Modern Art

ARTH 882 Latin American Art
ARTH 884 Art of Asia
ARTH 889 Special Topics in Art History