Media, Culture & Society Minor

The Media, Culture, and Society minor offers students the opportunity to explore the intimate connection between media platforms and institutions on the one hand, and society and culture on the other. The minor requires that students take a minimum of four (4) courses outside of their major subject area. Only one (1) course may be taken within the student’s major subject area. Courses in the minor may also be used to fulfill general education requirements. To complete the course residency requirement for a minor, a minimum of three (3) course-credits (12 semester hours) in the minor must be taken at Framingham State University.

Minor in Media, Culture, and Society (5 COURSES)

Students must take the following two (2) required courses:

  • COMM 250 Media/Society/Self
  • SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology

Choose three (3) of the following (at least one (1) of which must be in a subject area other than COMM or SOCI):

  • ANTH 253 Gender Across Cultures
  • ANTH 258 Critical Approaches to Men and Masculinities
  • ANTH 360 Language and Culture
  • COMM 202 Global Media
  • COMM 206 Experimental Film Production
  • COMM 226 Writing for Visual Media
  • COMM 242 Environmental Communication
  • COMM 245 Cultural Aspects of Media Representation
  • COMM 259 African Americans in Television and Radio
  • COMM 297 Communication and Social Media
  • COMM 317 Video Production: Vlogging
  • COMM 322 Persuasion and Social Influence
  • COMM 324 Rhetoric and Popular Culture
  • COMM 366 Documentary Filmmaking
  • CRIM 211 Crime and Inequality
  • CRIM 270 Social Deviance
  • CRIM 313 The Culture of Punishment
  • CRIM 360 Media and Crime
  • SOCI 218 Women in Society
  • SOCI 220 Sport in Society
  • SOCI 226 Sociology of Rap and Hip Hop
  • SOCI 245 Race and Ethnic Relations
  • SOCI 248 Social Structure and the Self
  • SOCI 282 Society, Technology, and the Future