Dr. Desmond McCarthy

Professor and Department Chair

Office: May Hall 204
Phone Number: 508-626-4813
Email: dmccarthy@framingham.edu

B.A., Framingham State College; M.A., Ph.D., Brandeis University. Teaching and Research Interests: American Literature, Modernism, Ethnic Literature, Contemporary Novel, Journalism

Elizabeth Banks


Office: May Hall 206
Phone Number: 508-626-4803
Email: ebanks@framingham.edu

Bachelor of Science: Adelphi University; Master of Arts in Journalism: Northeastern University. Teaching interests: First-year writing, journalism, feature writing

Dr. Elaine Beilin


Office: May Hall 223
Phone Number: 508-626-4804
Email: ebeilin@framingham.edu

B.A., University of Toronto; M.A., Ph.D., Princeton University. Teaching and Research Interests: Shakespeare, 16th and 17th-century Literature, Early Modern Women Writers, Literature and History

Dr. Bartholomew Brinkman

Assistant Professor

Office: May Hall 222
Phone Number: 508-626-4812
Email: bbrinkman@framingham.edu

B.A. University of Utah, M.A. The Johns Hopkins University (The Writing Seminars), M.A., Ph.D. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Teaching and Research Interests: Modern Poetry, Modernism, Print Culture, Digital Humanities, Critical Theory, Creative Writing (poetry)


Dr. Patricia E. Chu


Office: May Hall 220
Phone Number: 508-626-4807
Email: pchu@framingham.edu

B.A. University of Pennsylvania, M.A. and Ph.D. University of Chicago. Interests: British and American modernism, Asian American literature, African American literature, American literature 1865-present, Race and Gender Theory, Feminist Theory

Colleen Coyne

Assistant Professor

Office: Crocker Hall 316
Phone Number: contact by email
Email: ccoyne1@framingham.edu

B.A., Johns Hopkins University; M.A., University of Chicago; M.F.A., University of Minnesota. Teaching and Research Interests: First-Year Writing, Professional Writing, Business Writing; Modern and Contemporary American Literature; Creative Writing (Poetry and Prose)

Dr. Patricia Crouch

Associate Professor

Office: May Hall 115
Phone Number: 508-626-4842
Email: pcrouch@framingham.edu

B.A.., Thomas Edison State College; M.A., Villanova University; Ph.D., Temple University
Teaching and Research Interests: 16th and 17th-century Literature, History of the Book

Jennifer De Leon

Visiting Assistant Professor

Phone Number: 508-626-5008
email: jdeleon@framingham.edu

B.A. Connecticut College, M.A.T., University of San Francisco, M.F.A., University of Massachusetts-Boston. Interests: Creative Writing (fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry), Latino/a Literature, Contemporary American Literature, First Year Writing, Poverty, Literature & The American Dream



Dr. Lorianne DiSabato

Assistant Professor

Office: May Hall 206
Phone Number: 508-626-4803
Email: ldisabato@framingham.edu

B.A., University of Toledo; M.A., Boston College; Ph.D., Northeastern University. Teaching and Research Interests: American Literature, Nature Writing, Creative Nonfiction, Rhetoric and Composition.


Dr. Lisa Eck


Office: May Hall 209
Phone Number: 508-626-4848
Email: leck@framingham.edu

B.A.., Augustana College; M.A., Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis Teaching and Research Interests: World Literature and Anglophone Traditions, Postcolonial Criticism, Human Rights Pedagogy, Modern Literature, Gender Studies, Performance Theory, Rhetoric and Composition

Dr. Thomas Grove


Office: May Hall 327
Phone Number: 508-626-4828
Email: tgrove@framingham.edu

B.A.., Harvard College; M.A., Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Teaching and Research Interests: Mythology, Folklore, and Linguistics

Dr. Alexander Hartwiger

Assistant Professor

Office: May Hall 221
Phone Number: 508-626-4806
Email: ahartwiger@framingham.edu

B.A., M.A., Appalachian State University; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Teaching and Research Interests: Contemporary World Literature, Postcolonial Studies, Literature and Human Rights, Cosmopolitan Pedagogy

Patricia Horvath

Assistant Professor

Office: May Hall 104
Phone Number: 508-626-4849
Email: phorvath@framingham.edu

B.A., Emerson College; M.F.A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Teaching and Research interests: Creative Writing, Fiction and Creative Nonfiction; Contemporary American Literature; Disability Studies; Women's Studies.


Dr. Patricia Lynne


Office: May Hall 225
Phone Number: 508-626-4809
Email: plynne@framingham.edu

B.A.., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; M.A., George Mason University; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Teaching and Research Interests: Composition, Rhetoric, Technical and Professional Writing, Writing Pedagogy, Writing Assessment, Computers and Composition, Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines

Dr. Carolyn Maibor


Office: May Hall 225
Phone Number: 508-626-4808
Email: cmaibor@framingham.edu

B.A.. Simmons College; M.A., University of Montreal; Ph.D., Brandeis University
Teaching and Research Interests: Early through 19th-century American Literature & Philosophy, Literary Theory & Gender Studies, Rhetoric & Composition

Dr. Kelly Matthews

Associate Professor

Office: May Hall 115A
Phone Number: 508-626-4815
Email: kmatthews@framingham.edu

B.A.., Harvard University; M.Phil., Trinity College Dublin; M.A.T., Boston University; Ph.D., University of Ulster
Teaching and Research Interests: Secondary English Education, 20th-century Irish Literature

Dr. Lynn Parker


Office: May Hall 208
Phone Number: (508) 626-4814
Email: lparker@framingham.edu

B.A.., Providence College; M.A., Ph.D., Brandeis University
Teaching and Research Interests: 19th-century British novel, Narrative, 18th and 19th-century British literature, Short Story, Gender Studies, Expository Writing

Dr. Evelyn Perry


Office: May Hall 205
Phone Number: 508-626-4838
Email: eperry@framingham.edu

B.A., M.A., Simmons College; Ph.D., University of Rhode Island. Teaching and Research Interests: Children's and Young Adult Literature, Folk and Fairy Tale Retellings & Legend, Creative Writing.

Dr. Claudia Springer

Associate Professor

Office: May Hall 224
Phone Number: 508-626-4805
Email: cspringer@framingham.edu

B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Northwestern University Teaching and Research Interests: Film Studies, Cultural Studies, Contemporary World Literature

Dr. Rachel Trousdale

Assistant Professor

Office: May Hall 326
Phone Number: 508-626-4661
Email: rachelvtrousdale@gmail.com

B.A., M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Yale University. Teaching and Research Interests: Twentieth-Century Literature, British Literature Since 1945, Transnational Fiction, Modern Poetry, Creative Writing (Poetry).


Sam Witt

Associate Professor

Office: May Hall 220
Phone Number: 508-626-4837
Email: switt1@framingham.edu

B. A., University of Virginia; M.F.A., University of Iowa Writers Workshop
Teaching and Research interests: Creative Writing, Poetry and Fiction; Creative Non-Fiction; Prose Writing, First Year Writing, American Poetry, Southern Literature, and Russian Literature

Helen Carmichael

Administrative Assistant to the English Department

Office: May Hall 108
Phone Number: 508-626-4800
Email: hcarmichael@framingham.edu