Gender Studies Minor

The University offers a minor in Gender Studies.

To complete the minor, no more than two (2) courses may be taken in a single department. Only one (1) course may be taken within the student’s major subject area. Courses in the minor may also be used to fulfill general education requirements. To complete the course residency requirement for a minor, a minimum of three (3) course-credits (12 semester hours) in the minor must be taken at Framingham State University.

Minor in Gender Studies (5 courses):

One (1) required courses:

  • ANTH 253 Gender Across Cultures

Choose Four (4) electives from the following list:


  • ANTH 258 Critical Approaches to Men and Masculinities

Art & Music

  • MUSC 220 Women in Music


  • CRIM 321 Intimate Partner Violence
  • CRIM 336 Sexual Violence


  • ENGL 240 LGBTQ Literature
  • ENGL 250 Literature and Gender
  • ENGL 277 Gender in Contemporary Global Literature


  • HSTY 365 The History of Gender, Sexuality, and the Body
  • HSTY 371 Women in Europe, 1500 to 2000
  • HSTY 386 Women in American History

Political Science

  • POSC 272 Gender, Politics, and the Law
  • POSC 316 United States Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties


  • PSYC 286 Psychology of Women
  • PSYC 369 Human Sexuality


  • ANTH 258 Critical Approaches to Men and Masculinities
  • SOCI 218 Women in Society
  • SOCI 226 The Sociology of Rap and Hip Hop
  • SOCI 233 Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Justice
  • SOCI 255 LGBTQ Communities in the United States
  • SOCI 264 Black Communities and Institutions
  • SOCI 369 Sex/Sexualities in Society