Latin American Studies Minor

To earn a Latin American, Caribbean, and United States Latino Studies minor, students must apply in writing to the Chair of the Geography, History, or World Languages Department. Only one (1) course may be taken within the student’s major subject area. Courses in the minor also may be used to fulfill general education requirements. To complete the course residency requirement for a minor, a minimum of three (3) course-credits (12 semester hours) in the minor must be taken at Framingham State University.

The minor requires five (5) courses as follows:

One (1) Portuguese (PORT) or Spanish (SPAN) course at the 100-level or above.

Four (4) additional courses from the list below, representing three or more disciplines:


  • ANTH 313 South American Archaeology

Art History

  • ARTH 288 Latin American Art  (Gen. Ed. Domain III-C)


  • ECON 232 Latin American Political Economy (Gen. Ed. Domain III-A)


  • ENGL 361 Postcolonial Literature


  • GEOG 257 Geography of Latin America  (Gen. Ed. Domain III-C)


  • HSTW 301 Native American History, 1500-1800
  • HSTW 337 Caribbean History
  • HSTW 345 Networks and Empires – Economic History of the Atlantic World
  • HSTW 359 Slavery and Abolition

Political Science

  • POSC 365 Latin American Politics


  • PORT 101 Elementary Portuguese I (Gen. Ed. Domain I-C)
  • PORT 102 Elementary Portuguese II  (Gen. Ed. Domain I-C)


  • SOCI 210 Latinxs in the U.S. (Gen. Ed. Domain III-C)
  • SOCI 222/GLST 222 The World on the Move: Migration in a Global Era  (Gen. Ed. Domain III-C)
  • SOCI 288 Immigration in the United States  (Gen. Ed. Domain III-C)


  • SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I  (Gen. Ed. Domain I-C)
  • SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II  (Gen. Ed. Domain I-C)
  • SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I  (Gen. Ed. Domain I-C)
  • SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II  (Gen. Ed. Domain I-C)
  • SPAN 331 Advanced Spanish Composition & Conversation I
  • SPAN 332 Advanced Spanish Composition & Conversation II
  • SPAN 334 Spanish American Culture and Civilization
  • SPAN 335 Major Hispanic Writers I
  • SPAN 336 Major Hispanic Writers II
  • SPAN 343 The Latin American Short Story: Love, Death, and Humor
  • SPAN 345 Tales of Mystery from Latin America
  • SPAN 432 Contemporary Trends in Spanish-American Thought
  • SPAN 435 The Boom in Latin American Literature
  • SPAN 443 Spanish American Film
  • SPAN 445 Tales of the Fantastic from the Southern Cone
  • SPAN 446 Testimonial Literature of the Dirty War
  • SPAN 448 Controversial Cinema of Latin America