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Brazilian Immigrants in Japan - Sept 2019

On Sept 19, the Department of World Languages held the screening of the documentary One Day We Arrived in Japan at the Alumni Room at 6:30pm. The event was a success with over 60 very diverse attendants: language students, faculty members, ESL students, deans, the Consul-General of Brazil in Boston, Ambassador Benedicto Fonseca Filho and other consular representatives, members of the community. The directors Aaron Litvin and Dr. Ana Paula Hirano led a very personal and instructive Q&A after the screening and the level of engagement of the audience brought many different perspectives about the immigrant experience in Japan and in the USA. The event is part of the newly Brazil Movie Series coordinated by Professor Everton Vargas da Costa and it is sponsored by Consulate-General of Brazil in Boston and the Department of World Languages at Framingham State University. Check the images below:


Aaron and Ana Paula

Aaron and audience

A Response to Racism - Sept 2019

Jesús Ruelas García, ’19, spent two years with Residence Life at Framingham State University. Despite his short tenure, Jesús witnessed the campus community come under attack from a series of hate crimes. Growing frustrated with what seemed like a constant threat of racial injustice and wanting to do something to combat the series of events, Jesús one day brought his film camera to class. The idea was to capture the faces and stories of students whom this directly impacted. From there, Jesús opened it to other faculty and administrative figures of color. As more and more people began to be involved, the project thus started to invite everyone who wanted to participate, especially considering that there must be a community response that showed unity and strength.

In total, Jesús approached over 100 individuals for their portraits and a short statement. After photographing as much as possible, Jesús then fundraised a total of $1,000 for printing. During the last week of the spring 2019 semester, Jesús walked into the McCarthy Center late one night and put up the installation.

The aim of the installation was to instill pride within the impacted community of color, raise awareness about the very real issue of inequality that happens today, while also hoping to continue the conversation about the past racial hate crimes.

The installation, which carried the name of, “Response to Racism”, was on display from early May to late July. Jesús Ruelas is currently the World Languages' Student of the Year 2018-2019.

Jesús' Exhibition

 jesús' Exhibition

Portuguese Students Write Children's Books - Sept 2019

"Writing Children's Books in Portuguese" is a project-based assignment students complete as part of their semester coursework in PORT101 at Framingham State University. The activity intends to involve students in community service by using a foreign language as they pick linguistic elements of Portuguese that they learn throughout the semester and use them to craft a childhood literacy material. 

The goals for crafting children's books in elementary language classes are a) to reflect in a contextualized fashion on lexical and grammatical aspects of Portuguese, b) to build motivation for students to use acquired knowledge to create unique artifacts, c) to foster student's authorship, and d) to connect students with teachers and students with public schools in the area. In April 2019, Professor Everton Vargas da Costa delivered the titles produced in the Fall 2018 to one of the first grade classes part of the Two-way Language Program at Potter Road Elementary School. 7 books written by Portuguese students at FSU to Portuguese students at Potter Road. Check the list of titles and authors below:

"Minha mamãezinha", by Matheus Sardinha

"As estações do ano" by Tiana Souza

"Leo, a tartaruga"by Robson Rodrigues

"O dia de Paulo na praia" by Marquise Adams

"A gigante do oceano" by Amber Cahill 

"Que cor é esta?" by Melissa Vieira and Josilma Montrond

"Ao redor do mundo" by Mason Hollick

Everton talks to children

Book cover titles

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