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2021 World Languages Highlights

Faculty Accomplishments 2021

Congratulations to Luce Aubry who has earned tenure and promotion to Associate Professor in April of 2021. We are fortunate to have such dedicated professionals representing our Department.

Congratulations to professor Nozomi Tomita she is now Dr. Tomita. She defended her dissertation April 13, 2021. We are very proud of your accomplishment.

Noemi is an aspiring translator and attended UMass Boston for Spanish-English translation. She furthered her education, attending FSU and took the SPAN 375 Graphic Narrative course with Dr. Joanne Britland during the Fall 2021 semester. In addition to reading and analyzing Spanish graphic narratives, the students helped Dr. Britland organize the 'Mujeres solidarias' panel and a coffee meet and greet with students. The event featured three prominent Hispanic female graphic narrative artists, including Power Paola, author of Virus tropical. After meeting Power Paola, Noemi chose to write her final paper ”Some Aspects of the Translation of Graphic Novels Applied to Virus tropical”. In her paper, Noemi analyzes different aspects of translation in graphic literature, including typography and humor. Noemi enjoys looking at translation in a new and exciting context. When the class was over, she was inspired to take what she had learned beyond the classroom, presenting at the Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference this spring. Congratulations Noemi!


On behalf of the Spanish and Portuguese language programs, It is with great pleasure that we announce our “October Student of the Month”, Spanish major Emily Ferrucci.  

Congratulations to Emily for her excellent work in her Spanish courses in her first semester at Framingham State University! We are thrilled to have Emily with us as a major in the department. We asked Emily some questions about her experience as a Spanish major at FSU.  

Why did you decide to study Spanish?  

When I started learning Spanish, I was intrigued by both the challenge of learning a new language and the opportunities it brings. My wonderful Spanish teachers have always motivated me to follow my interest in the language and Hispanic culture. I was also a member of my high school's Spanish Club. Additionally, it is so fulfilling to help people in my community through translation. At my retail job, I speak up whenever a customer asks if anyone speaks Spanish. It might be a small gesture to explain a sale or help someone find an item, but it makes someone's day less stressful when you treat them with kindness and are able to help in any way.

What are your favorite parts of being a Spanish major?  

My favorite parts of being a Spanish Major and a Spanish speaker in general are learning to communicate more effectively in a different language and studying different cultures. I eventually will add a minor in Secondary Education or concentration in teaching so that I can one day spread my passion for Spanish by helping others learn it. Learning an additional language is definitely a valuable skill. 

What advice do you have for anyone beginning to learn a language? 

Take risks in class and don't be afraid to put yourself out there. No one is judging you, and making mistakes helps you learn. Also, any practice in the target language is helpful; I love using the app Duolingo for grammar and vocabulary practice.  

And, most importantly, if you could have any dessert in the world, what would it be? 

My favorite dessert in the world is Oreo cheesecake! 

We are so fortunate to have such great students in our Department, and we enjoy working with each of you. Thank you for your dedication and effort in our classes. We know that we are living through unprecedented times, and we are here to support you. Stay tuned for the “November Student of the Month”! It could be you!  

Keep up the great work.  


Dr. Cordeiro, Dr. Vargas da Costa, and Dr. Britland  


Congratulations to our Student of the Year...  Mariah Prosansky!

Mariah Prosansky is currently a senior at FSU and has earned a 3.94 GPA.  She is graduating with a major in Spanish and a concentration in Education. Mariah is also part of the Honor Program at Framingham State.  She was selected unanimously by the whole faculty as the best candidate to receive the Student of the Year Award. We are all very proud of her accomplishments. Her dream was to became a high school teacher and with great pleasure we announced that she got hired by the Ashland School System to work as a Spanish teacher starting on September of 2020. In our department, she is always ready to collaborate, participate and help with the activities and events, such as the Language Tables, Sigma Delta Pi events, and more. This past summer, she traveled to Santiago, Chile where she took two courses at the Pontifical Catholic University in Santiago:  Contemporary Hispanic Literature and Chilean Culture. Professors at the University in Santiago were amazed by her Spanish proficiency and research abilities. Along with her Spanish and Education studies, Mariah holds several leadership positions. She is the secretary of FSU’s Nu Theta chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Hispanic Honor Society. She is also the Vice-president of the Education Club. For the past three years, she has been working for the Campus Events Office as an Event Service Manager and before that as a Reservation Assistant. We wish her all the best in the years to come.

Congratulations to our Emergent Linguists 2020!

Julia Cohen is currently in her junior year and is majoring in American Sign Language and English interpreting.  She has demonstrated outstanding academic work and has improved and expanded her American Sign Language skills during the past two semesters.  She has been one of the hardest working students involved in establishing the American Sign Language Club and is currently serving as Vice president. Julia has been involved in the planning and hosting of various Deaf events on FSU campus including the ASL Club Bake Sale for Valentine’s Day, the Deaf Panel, and various other events.  Julia also participated in the interpreting team at the Women’s Basketball game and showed her skills by providing access to Deaf attendees. She was willing to stand up in front of a large crowd and interpret parts of the basketball game. She served as a role model for younger FSU students to see opportunities that interpreting majors are afforded.  

Kathleena Thompson is a major in Spanish with a minor in Portuguese at Framingham State University. She has revealed herself to be an applied and diligent student, who showcases a profound love and dedication for languages. Kathleena is serious about her academic work, and is dedicated to helping other students, to whom she is always ready to extend a hand. She attends and supports cultural events on campus and is a member of FSU’s Nu Theta chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Hispanic Honor Society. Moreover, Kathleena is an advocate for Portuguese studies at FSU and acted as a key student resource as we developed the Portuguese Minor proposal. Currently, she acts as the Portuguese Tutor at CASA. Kathleena has also written a children’s book in Portuguese that is now available in two of the Framingham Public Schools. Furthermore, she was selected to attend the prestigious Middlebury College Portuguese Summer School and received a competitive scholarship to fund her studies there. In the past, Kathleena taught English to Brazilian immigrants at Pro-Gente Connections, a non-profit dedicated to the support of immigrants in the MetroWest area. 

Kelsey Carvalho is currently in her junior year and has earned a 3.44 GPA.  She is pursuing a double major in American Sign Language-Deaf Studies and Child and Family Studies.  Her dream, since she arrived on FSU campus her freshman year, has been to establish an American Sign Language Club. She has worked tirelessly to establish the American Sign Language Club and finally achieved her goal Spring semester of her Junior year. Kelsey currently serves as President of the ASL club and continues to work tirelessly raising funds for the club which already total almost $500.  She is also working as an RA on campus. As part of dorm life Kelsey has shared Deaf awareness information with students on her floor.  She has done this both informally and more formally by hosting small Deaf awareness sessions with students on her floor. Through this sharing of information and advocacy of the Deaf Community, members of the FSU Community are learning about American Sign Language, the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture. 

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Sigma Delta Pi Updates 

The Nu Theta chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Hispanic Honor Society, planned several events for the Spring 2020 semester and beyond. These include:

Café Culto: A bi-monthly Spanish coffee and conversation meeting at Red Barn Cafe in Whittemore Library. Café Culto is an enjoyable space for students of all levels to meet and practice speaking in Spanish.

Spanish Film Night: We are organizing a Spanish film series for the Framingham community. Sigma Delta Pi members will screen the films and hold a Q&A session afterwards. The original kickoff did not go as planned due to the Covid-19 crisis, but stay tuned for more in coming semesters!

Movie Night

Netflix Party

During the second half of the semester, we have still found ways to enjoy Hispanic languages and cultures together even though we are not on campus. Students have been hosting weekly, virtual Netflix parties on Fridays. Faculty and students watch comedies in Spanish and discuss them with each other on the Netflix Party platform. It's been fun to meet and laugh while practicing Spanish!  

Invited Guests

The Department of World Languages continues to offer students access to experts in the field of Hispanic languages and cultures. Following the shift to remote learning, we have had several scholars come as guest lecturers to our courses. Kate Good (Ph.D. UNC Chapel Hill) gave a talk to SPAN 302 (Advanced Spanish Composition and Conversation) and SPAN 420 (Contemporary Spain in Crisis) about Cataluña, the Catalan language, and Catalan culture. María Esparza Rodríguez (University of Virginia) hosted a discussion on Latin American female artists, writers, and filmmakers in SPAN 302. We look forward to more visits from scholars, authors, and artists!

Dr. Kate Good (Ph.D. UNC Chapel Hill)

Dr. María Esparza (University of Virginia)

Learning about Latin America: ¡ Gracias a nuestrxs invitadxs!

In the Spring 2020, students enrolled in SPAN202 hosted amazing guest speakers sharing about Latin America current affairs. In February we had Omar Alarcón, movie director from Bolivia who discussed the indigenous culture and political participation in his country. Shantall López, Director of Nuclear Energy in Dominican Republic, brought a deep reflection on the challenges of being a woman of color in a heavily male area such as Engineering. Professor Patricia Sánchez-Connally, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Framingham State University, shared her trajectory as an immigrant in the United States and analyzed El Salvador in the 80’s and currently. Finally, in May, SPAN202 hosted Professor Emilce Cordeiro, Chair of the World Languages Department at FSU, for a conversation about learning English and building an academic career in the USA as an immigrant. She also shared perspectives on Argentina’s political moment and social challenges. ¡Gracias a todxs!

Omar Alarcón (Bolivia)

Shantall López (Dominican Republic)

Zuzu Angel

A movie screening about the dictatorship years in Brazil

On February 12, the Department of World Languages held the screening of Zuzu Angel at the North Hall Commons. The event was a success with over 40 very diverse attendants: FSU students and their families, faculty members, and ESL students. The director of the Brazilian Women’s Group Heloisa Galvão led the Q&A after the screening focusing on the years of dictatorship and political repression in Brazil. Based on the true story a famous Brazilian fashion designer in the 70's, Zuzu Angel the movie shows the struggle of a mother searching for her son Stuart, a member of a leftist university group who suddenly disappears during the darkest era of Brazilian military regime and media censorship. The event is part of the Brazil Movie Series coordinated by Professor Everton Vargas da Costa and it is sponsored by Consulate-General of Brazil in Boston and the Department of World Languages at Framingham State University. 

Spanish Language Table Spring 2020

Spanish Language Table met twice during the Spring 2020, before the Covid19 pandemic.  We were lucky to have Dr. Constanza Cabello, Vice-President of Diversity and Inclusion at Framingham State University on February 20 as our special guest and we enjoyed a delicious Chilean meal (Gracias, Sodexo!). We also had an extraordinary meeting on May 5th to celebrate Cinco de Mayo via Zoom, hosted by SPAN 202 students. We cannot wait to meet again at the Dining Commons as soon as possible. For now, keep calm and practica Español!


FSU Works to Support Undocumented and Immigrant Students

(From Campus Currents)

The COVID-19 pandemic is a scary time for everyone, but particularly worrying for our undocumented, DACA and immigrant student populations.

Last week, Dr. Patricia Sanchez-Connally from the Sociology Department and Dr. Everton Vargas De Costa from the World Languages Department led a discussion on how the University can best support these students in our current environment. The event was hosted by the Center for Inclusive Excellence (CIE) and was open to students.

Vice President for Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement Dr. Constanza Cabello also took part in a webinar on the same subject. Resources from that event can be found at: