Management and Business & Information Technology

Management and Business & Information Technology is one of the three departments within the Framingham State University College of Business.

Our department offers majors, minors and concentrations in areas of Business & Information Technology, International Business, and Management.

The Business & Information Technology major is a collaboration with the Business and Computer Science departments and provides students with knowledge in both the business and information technology fields. A broad set of minors and electives are available for this major and represent an opportunity for a Business Information & Technology majors to specialize even further.

Business is more global than ever with domestic companies becoming multinational. Companies need to decide how to manage their supply chain from globally located sources, penetrate foreign markets, establish joint ventures and distribution, manage organizations located abroad, and understand economic, political, regulatory and social trends of foreign countries. An International Business major prepares students on how to be strategic in managing human and material resources toward the achievement of the international goals of the business considering how these need to be customized for different markets. 

Managing involves organizing activities and coordinating resources in order to achieve the objectives of an organization effectively and execute strategy to reach the financial and strategic goals. Management requires knowledge and skills of different areas such as strategy, finance, accounting, international business and marketing. A Management major is ideal for students who are interested in the management of organizations such as businesses, governments, nonprofits or others. Students will study a wide array of topics in the functional areas of accounting, finance, operations, marketing and strategy with the possibility to minor or concentrate in specific fields.

Emily Sosnovsky '20

Business & Information Technology Major

"I have met amazing friends and professors, and I have acquired a strong understanding of web coding languages, data visualizations, and business analysis that will help shape my future career in the field of Business and Information Technology and beyond."

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