Spotlight on Political Science

Spotlight on Political Science

Ezio Andrade

Ezio Andrade '21

Political Science major

"I am incredibly pleased that I chose the political science major at Framingham State University. At FSU, the program offered various subfields from Pre-Law and American Government to Public Administration and International Politics. The faculty was fundamental to my learning. Their vast knowledge and direct engagement taught me how to better understand and analyze the functioning and organization of power and the State. Whenever I needed help – advice, mentorships, or letters of recommendation - the faculty was always there for me. Without their assistance, I do not believe that I would have been accepted to Northeastern University’s masters program in International Relations. I am truly satisfied that I took political science at FSU. The experience gave me the necessary skills to further my studies in this great field."

FSU Commencement: Student looking back

Learning Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the fundamental principles and theories of politics to include foundations of political community, the structure and process of government, citizenship and forms of political participation, and the public policy process.

  • Foster an understanding of political methodology and analysis and the ability to construct basic political theories used to explain political and governmental behavior.

  • Understand the requirements of effective and virtuous citizenship.

    Develop the ability to communicate effectively and clearly in written and oral form.

  • Develop the ability to research, analyze, and evaluate political data and information and the ability to use information databases.

  • Understand the decisions human beings make in political settings, including those regarding the forms of government available and understand the philosophical underpinnings of political systems, major ideologies, and political parties.

  • Gain an understanding and appreciation of current political issues and concerns and their impact upon the contemporary political environment.

Photo of Dr. Joseph Coelho

Dr. Joseph Coelho

Associate Professor, Chair, Political Science Department, Political Science, Law, & Global Studies
O'Connor Hall, Room 307
Photo of Dr. Giuliano Espino

Dr. Giuliano Espino

Assistant Professor, Political Science, Law, & Global Studies
O'Connor Hall, Room 309
Photo of Dr. David Smailes

Dr. David Smailes

Associate Professor, Political Science, Law, & Global Studies and Program Coordinator and Advisor, Master of Public Administration
O'Connor Hall, Room 310
Photo of Thomas Severo

Thomas Severo, Esq.

Visiting Lecturer, Political Science, Law, & Global Studies

Contact Information

Department of Political Science

O'Connor Hall 307
Dr. Joseph Coelho, Chair: jcoelho2 [at] (jcoelho2[at]framingham[dot]edu)

Framingham State University
100 State Street
PO Box 9101
Framingham, MA 01701-9101

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