Gabrielle Cochrane

Gabrielle Cochrane '20

Zoo internship

Gabrielle Cochrane

"These are some photos and a video along with a description of what I did this summer!

"Over the summer I had the opportunity to intern at Southwick's Zoo's Bird Husbandry and Enrichment Department. I learned about parrot behavior, anatomy, health, husbandry, enrichment, and training. During my time here I was able to pick a bird to have a training project with. This bird was Jolly the military macaw. My projects this summer were to train him to walk to either side of a table and recycle a bottle, voluntary stethoscope behavior, and to work on a redirection of aggressive behavior that had been heavily reinforced before Jolly joined the zoo. This internship was challenging but enjoyable and educational."

Gabrielle and Jolly 1
Gabrielle and Jolly 2