Frequently Asked Questions

Is a student on coop still considered a full-time student?

Yes they are a full-time student

  • Students are enrolled in a coop course with 12 non-additive(experiential) credits (full-time load)
  • The course appears on the students transcript
  • Students will receive a satisfactory/unsatisfactory grade on their transcript at conclusion of coop

What about financial aid?

The school must declare that a student on coop is participating in an "experiential coop course" which is part of a degree program and is considered full-time student status. They do not have to go into receivership because they are considered full-time students.

Will students be paid at their co-op?

Students on coop will be paid a fair and equitable wage.

Can students live on campus during their co-op?

If you wish to live on campus you will have to pay housing and fees related to on-campus living.

When will this new coop option be available?

The typical 6-month term runs from Jan-June or July-December.