Data Science & Analytics

Data science is the study of data from its collection, storage, and retrieval to its analysis and use in decision making. Data scientists use powerful digital tools to analyze vast data sets which may include not just “numbers” but also text, images, and video. Students successfully completing the minor will have the knowledge and expertise to conduct exploratory and confirmatory analyses of these diverse data types and will be able to choose and apply the proper tools to the data at hand, and visualize their results to effectively convey their conclusions to a wide variety of audiences.   This is an interdepartmental minor. Only one (1) course may be taken within the student’s major subject area. Courses in the minor may also be used to fulfill general education requirements.

Minor in Data Science and Analytics (5 courses):

Three (3) Required courses:

  • CSCI 156 Python Programming for Applications
  • ENVS 202 Data Analysis for Scientists or
    • STAT 208 Biostatistics
  • GEOG 111 The Digital Earth

Choose Two (2) of the following:

  • ENVS 333 Digital Field Methods: Drones, Data and AI
  • GEOG 300 Geospatial Applications Using Python
  • STAT 307 Intermediate Statistics