Changing Your Major to Food and Nutrition or Health and Wellness

First Step: Decision

We are pleased you have chosen to join the Food and Nutrition Department. The first decision you need to make is which major you want.

Food and Nutrition Major: This major is appropriate for students interested in becoming a registered dietitian. The two concentrations are Nutrition and Dietetics (DPD) and the Coordinated Program in Dietetics (CPD). Both concentrations require many courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Medical Nutrition. You cannot transfer directly into these concentrations. You will be admitted as a generalist (FNG) and will need to apply your concentrations when you have completed the science courses.

Health and Wellness Major: This major is appropriate for students who are interested in wellness, fitness, nutrition, food, and health. The two concentrations are Fitness and Nutrition and Food Studies. It includes some courses in Biology and Chemistry. An internship is required in both concentrations.

It is our experience that students who earn a grade lower than a B in NUTR 110 and/or earn a grade of C or lower in CHEM 107, will not be competitive when applying to either concentration in the Food and Nutrition major.

You can view the differences in majors and concentrations: 

Health and Wellness
Food and Nutrition

Second Step: Change your major in Degreeworks

In your Degreeworks, click on the link for Change in Major. Select the major and concentration of your choice. The Chair of the Food and Nutrition Department will send you the name of your advisor. Make an appointment with your new advisor to create a personalized course sequence.

Third Step – Read Important Information about your New Major

Go to and click on the name of your major. On the left side of the page, you will find important links. Learn about available scholarships, internships, policies, resources, and handbook. Save the handbook to your laptop for easy access.