Food and Nutrition: DPD Costs

Please consult the University Catalog for information on tuition, fees, residence hall, and meal plan costs. In addition to these University fees, DPD students should expect to incur the following general expenses. Additional costs specific to Coordinated Program in Dietetics students are found on the CPD Cost Page. The amounts are estimates and subject to change without notice.  

Didactic Program in Dietetics Costs

Lab coat required for NUTR 262 Food, Culture & Society and NUTR 364 Foodservice Systems labs

Books, Supplies, Copying$1200
Wireless laptop computer$1025
Health insurance (full-time student annual plan - if you are not already covered on a health insurance plan)$3444

Physical exam including required lab tests

May be required for NUTR 002 Orientation to Dietetics required for Coordinated Program in Dietetics students or an internship course (NUTR 495)

Travel to facilities$3001
ServSafe Exam$85
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
student membership (optional; highly recommended)

1Estimated based on 30 miles travel from the University for 1 day/week for 15 weeks using standard mileage rates.