Professional Development: Continuing Education Classes

Explore a new career path in nutrition.

Nutrition professionals can enroll in any four-credit, graduate course offered by FSU provided they meet the prerequisites for the course and space is available. Courses are offered on the Framingham campus as well as online.

The Office of Continuing Education provides a current course schedule.

Online Professional Center for Educators

Earn graduate credit without leaving home. Our Online Professional Development Center for Educators provides you with a convenient and affordable way to earn graduate credit and fulfill your Professional Portfolio Plans.

One-credit online courses (22.5 PDPs) are designed for teachers, nutritional professionals and others to expand their expertise in nutrition and pedagogy.

Students in Crocker Grove

Our program

Currently, the following courses are offered throughout the academic year and and summer:

  • Exploring Food Allergies

  • Managing Life Threatening Food Allergies in Schools

  • Weighing the Risks: Sports Supplements and High School Athletes

  • Nutrition as a Teaching Tool in Middle School Curriculum

  • Culture and Food: Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

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