SEI Course for Licensed Teachers

Framingham State University offers TESL 910 SEI, a MA DESE approved, graduate level course, leading to the SEI endorsement.


  1. Enrollees who are not currently matriculated in an Initial licensure program at FSU,
    must show proof (license #) of a Massachusetts Initial or Professional teaching license prior to registration.
  2. All enrollees must have access to a classroom with English Language Learners.


TESL 910, FSU's stand-alone SEI course, is a four-credit-hour, graduate-level course. Please see Tuition and Fees for details.

Hours:  one evening per week for three hours and twenty minutes

Duration:  for fifteen weeks, the length of the semester

Offering and Registration:

This course is offered during the spring and fall semesters.  Those not matriculated in an Initial licensure program at FSU, must receive permission of the instructor to register.

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Questions and Additional Information:

For questions and additional information regarding this course, please contact Dr. Mary-Ann Stadtler-Chester at or 508 626 4672.