Law and Politics Minor

The minor in Law and Politics is designed to provide undergraduate students with a structured program of study in judicial and governmental processes. U.S. public policy is constrained by our legal system, and conversely, our legal system is sometimes modified by political interests. This minor focuses on the interaction of law and politics.

Law and Politics Minor Requirements (5):

  • POSC 110 Introduction to American Politics
  • Choose four (4) courses from the following:
    • POSC 211 Political Theory: Justice, Law, and Order
    • POSC 206 Constitutional Law: Powers of the Government
    • POSC 250 American Legal Systems
    • POSC 300 Moot Court Symposium
    • POSC 315 Judicial Politics and Policy
    • POSC 316 United States Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties
    • POSC 450 Internship in the Judicial System