Graduate Commencement

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Commencement Ceremony Participation

Prior to graduation, you must have completed all degree requirements and any outstanding debts to the University. Financial aid recipients must complete an exit interview. Students with Perkins Loans are notified by mail of the exit interview dates. Students with Stafford Loans and No-Interest Loans must contact Ms. Traci Hickey in the Financial Aid Office, McCarthy Campus Center, 508-626-4536, to make sure all paperwork is complete.

Please fill out the Graduate Candidacy for Graduation/Comprehensive Exam Form and return it to the Office of Graduate Studies in Dwight Hall, Room 202 or mail the form with your check to the address listed. Should you have any questions please contact Ms. Kimberly Hardy by email at, or by phone at 508-626-4558.

Academic Regalia (Caps and Gowns)

The base cost of the graduate regalia package is $44.00. This includes the customize FSU gown, cap, hood, and black tassel.  The ship-to-home option cost $55.00 (which includes an additional shipping and handling fee of $11.00)

• Regalia is available for purchase in the University Campus Store beginning on March 8, 2021.   Please visit their website, for store hours.

All students will be wearing regalia made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles! In the effort to remain green on campus, the line of graduation wear - named GreenWeaver - is made of fabric spun from molten plastic pellets. Fewer plastic bottles will be choking our landfills because for every Framingham State student walking at commencement, an average of 23 plastic bottles will be used to produce each cap and gown. With some 60 million plastic bottles going into U.S. landfills every day, Framingham State is helping to turn those bottles into keepsakes.

Master’s Degree Ceremony

Class of 2020: May 23, 2021, Virtual Ceremony
Class of 2021:
May 23, 2021, Virtual Ceremony