Individualized Study Plans

Intensive Program Tutoring

Students who are enrolled in the Intensive English Program, 15 hours or more per week, are eligible for up to four hours of free, individualized tutoring (per semester) to help with class assignments, or development of certain skills. The tutors are highly-trained instructors, who will ensure the tutoring time is productive and helpful to students.

Introductory Tutoring for Full-Time Intensive Students

Students who have never received formal English Instruction should register for individual or small group (maximum 2 students) tutoring for the first three weeks of the semester. Upon completion of a maximum of 69 hours of tutoring, the student will be integrated into the regular ELP classroom.

Specialized Tutoring

Additional one-on-one tutoring for academic purposes, general English, or business English, can be arranged through the ELP office for a fee of $75/hour or blocks of 10 hours for $700.