Foundations of Reading Workshop

During this single day test preparation workshop, participants will become familiar with and review the content of the Foundations of Reading MTEL, a requirement of Initial Licensure in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.

This workshop will focus on three sub-areas of this test: Foundations of Reading Development (understanding phonological and phonemic awareness, concepts about print and the alphabetic principle, the role of phonics, and word analysis skills and strategies); Development of Reading Comprehension ( understanding vocabulary development and application of comprehension strategies to literary and expository texts) and Assessment and Instruction (formal and informal assessment and multiple approaches to reading instruction).

Students are encouraged to review the Foundations of Reading Test on the DESE website prior to the workshop to familiarize themselves with the test format and content.

The instructor strongly encourages attendees to familiarize themselves with the MTEL Foundations of Reading test information on the DESE website and to take the pretest prior to the class.

Date: March 3, 2018   
Time: 1-5pm
Location: TBA
Cost: $99.00    
Instructor: Nancy Verdolino

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