How to Succeed Online

Online learning has great advantages. You can balance your work and life responsibilities and study when it is convenient. With a solid internet connection, you can be in any location. You might need to take a specific course to graduate and an online offering meets your need.

Qualities of a Successful Online Student

Great flexibility can come with challenges, too. Many students find that online courses are at least as time consuming as in-class courses. Students also need to feel comfortable with the technology. Students who succeed in an online class are often:

  • Independent
  • Self-Motivated
  • Self-Disciplined
  • Good at time management
  • Keenly interested in the course


Support for Success

Online Student Orientation

Live virtual sessions at the start of each semester to introduce students to the Canvas learning platform, university resources, and strategies for success.

How to get Canvas Support

Faculty, students, and staff may use Canvas to share information and course materials, engage in critical thinking activities, and collaborate online. Follow this link to get started using Canvas in your classes and accessing support resources.

Information Technology Services

IT support to access courses and to use the education technology.

Center for Academic Success and Achievement (CASA)

Tutoring, academic success coaching, and disability resources and accommodations to promote student learning and success.

Complaint Procedure

Framingham State University is required to provide current and prospective online learning students with contact information for filing complaints. Students enrolled at Framingham State University may issue a complaint in a variety of ways depending upon the nature of the concern.

If a student is not satisfied with the outcome of this process, they may appeal to the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. Massachusetts residents can appeal through the Massachusetts Student Complaints process. Students residing in another state may appeal through the Massachusetts SARA portal agency. Complaints involving allegations of fraud and false or misleading information may also be filed with the Massachusetts portal agency.

The SARA portal agency in the student’s state of residence will be notified of any complaint filed with the Massachusetts portal agency. The student’s home state may assist the Massachusetts portal agency as needed. The complaint resolution by the Massachusetts portal agency is final and cannot be appealed to another state or federal agency or to NC-SARA.