EdTech Teacher (ETT) Summit

EdTech Teacher (ETT) Summit 2018
Boston, MA
November 5 - 7, 2018

Our EdTechTeacher Summits are unique learning experiences that bring together tested and practical edtech strategies for the classroom, as well as thought leaders to explore what is next in education and edtech. From iPads & Chromebooks to Project Based Learning, Gamification, Virtual Reality and Coding, EdTechTeacher Summits are the ideal events to learn, connect and share.

There are three unique strands: edtechNOW, edtechNEXT and edTHOUGHT. Each strand is focused on addressing a certain aspect of education and edtech. Whether you are interested in and focused on learning more about specific edtech tools and strategies or want to explore bigger ideas and approaches to edtech, an EdTechTeacher Summit is the ideal event.


Conference strands:

edtech NOW—Designed specifically for the classroom teacher that is getting started in a 1:1 environment or is in the early stages of thoughtful technology integration and implementation. The sessions in the edtechNOW strand will focus specifically on best practices, apps, extensions, tools and resources to build proficiency. Devices and platforms include iPads, Chromebooks, GSuite.

edtech NEXT—Designed for the technology savvy educator that is looking for next steps, advanced strategies and creative approaches to technology integration. Sessions in this strand may emphasize approaches such as fostering creativity with edtech, enhancing student reflection, publishing & collaboration. The edtechNEXT strand is also built to provide educators with a glimpse of the future of edtech that will include ideas such as Virtual Reality, Coding, Wearable Tech & Gamification.

edTHOUGHT—Designed for educational leaders, administrators, and educators that want to explore innovation in education. The strand is for those specifically interested in big picture ideas such as Project Based Learning and Design Thinking as approaches to foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Emphasizing the concept of innovation, the strand is built for the attendee that is looking for deep conversations, ideas, a roadmap and inspiration for the future.


Framingham State University Graduate Credit Option:
Framingham State University is pleased to offer one (1) graduate credit to conference attendees who complete the following requirements by December 14, 2018:

  • Framingham State University registration form with payment of $179.00 (payment may be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, purchase orders, or check payable to Framingham State University).

  • List of sessions attended including session title, presenter, day and time. Participants must attend sessions that total a minimum of 12 hours.

  • 500-word reflection that describes your professional growth and the impact it will have on your professional as a result of your attendance at the conference.

  • 500-word action plan with expected outcomes that describes at least five steps you will initiate in your district or classroom that will further the implementation of technology into your educational practice.

Mail, e-mail (amiller6@framingham.edu) or fax (508.626.4030) the documents to: 

Anne Miller, Office of Continuing Education
Framingham State University
100 State Street, PO Box 9101
Framingham, MA 01701-9101

Once all the Framingham State University documents are evaluated, participants registered for graduate credit may access payment and grade information online through the secure
Framingham State University portal, myFramingham. Instructions and login information for accessing myFramingham will be forwarded to each participant via e-mail. The grading will be Pass/Fail. 

Any questions regarding Framingham State University graduate credit please e-mail Anne Miller at:
amiller6@framingham.edu or call 508.215.5837. 

An official Framingham State University transcript may also be ordered for $3.00 through the Framingham State University Registrar’s Office at: https://www.framingham.edu/academics/registrar/requesting-your-academic-transcript