Mathematics Education Workshop Series

Professor Mahesh Sharma
Spring 2018 Workshop Series


Framingham State University’s Office of Continuing Education is pleased to announce six additional professional development workshops in mathematics for teachers and administrators. All workshops are held on the FSU campus and taught by Professor Mahesh Sharma, former Mathematics Professor and President of Cambridge College. Professor Sharma is a renowned speaker and author who has presented and written about math pedagogy for many years.


Overview of Workshops 

Several professional national groups, National Mathematics Advisory Panel and the Institute for Educational Sciences, in particular,have concluded that all students can learn mathematics and most can succeed through Algebra 2. However,the abstractness and complexity of algebraic concepts and missing precursor skills and understandings, such as number conceptualization, arithmetic facts, place value, fractions,and integers maybe overwhelming to many students and teachers.

Being proficient at arithmetic is certainly a great asset when we reach algebra; however, how we achieve that proficiency can also matter a great deal. According to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM), the criteria for mastery of arithmetic for early elementary grades are specific: students should have (a) an understanding that includes efficient and effective strategies, (b) fluency, and (c) the ability to apply the content.  These competencies will ensure strong, secure, and developmentally appropriate foundations for the algebra that the students will learn later. The development of those foundations is assured if we implement the Standards of Mathematics Practices (SMP) along with the CCSSM content standards. 

In these workshops, Professor Sharma will provide strategies, understanding, and pedagogies that can help teachers achieve these goals.

**10 PDP’s are available through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for participants who complete a minimum of two workshops together with a two page reflection paper on cognitive development.**

All workshops are held from 8:30am-3:00pm. For more information, contact Paula Hogard, Director of Continuing Professional Education and Workforce Development, at or 508.626.4034.


Spring 2018 Series

 Date Workshop TitleBest suited for: 
 Mar 30 Dyscalculia and Other Mathematics DifficultiesGrades K-11 teachers and special educators
 Apr 13Number Concept, Numbersense, and Numeracy, Part OneGrades K-2 teachers and special educators
 May 11Number Concept, Numbersense, and Numeracy, Part TwoGrades K-3 teachers and special educators
May 18How To Teach Fractions EffectivelyGrades 3-9 teachers and special educators
May 25Arithmetic to AlgebraGrades 4-9 teachers
Jun 8Dyscalculia and Other Mathematics DifficultiesGrades K-11 teachers and special educators