Graduate Certificate in Assistive Technology with Advanced Internship

The Graduate Certificate in Assistive Technology is focused on ways candidates may address PreK-16 students’ global assistive technology needs, including learning (academic/vocational), social, communication, recreation and leisure, daily living and/or environmental access in school, home, and the community. An interdisciplinary team approach that highlights and actively involves the student; the student’s family and circle of friends; professional, including teachers, counselors, and therapists; and other professional support personnel are emphasized throughout the program.

Candidates have two options for this certificate. Candidates who have completed INST 986 Introduction to Assistive Technology as part of a degree or other certificate at Framingham State University may apply the requirements for this certificate.


Admission Requirements

The applicant must have earned a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.


The applicant must also have one of the following professional credentials or positions:

  • An Initial or Professional License in Moderate Disabilities, Severe Disabilities, Early Childhood, Elementary, or Instructional Technology;
  • An Initial or Professional License in teaching in an academic discipline (e.g. English, History, Middle School Mathematics/Science, Physical Education, Reading, Visual Arts);
  • An Initial or Professional as School Guidance Counselor, School Social Worker, School Adjustment Counselor, or Special Education Administrator;
  • A License as a Rehabilitation Counselor or certification as a Rehabilitation Counselor;
  • Licensed or certified professional support personnel (e.g. occupational therapist, physical therapist, or speech/language therapist);
  • College/university faculty member or college/university disability services personnel (license/certification not required for individuals in college/university positions).


The applicant must have a minimum of two years’ professional experience working with students in any grades/years in the PreK-16 span.


For further information about the Graduate Certificate in Assistive Technology or Assistive Technology with Advanced Internship, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at508-626-4501.


Transfer Credit

Participates may request to have INST 968 Introduction to Assistive Technology waived if an equivalent graduate-level course has been previously completed at another regionally-accredited institution.



Graduate Certificate in Assistive Technology Course Requirements (5):

  • INST 968 Introduction to Assistive Technology (may be taken prior to being admitted into the certificate program either at Framingham State University or at another regionally-accredited institution) (Spring, Summer; online)
  • INST 971 Communication and Academic Access through Assistive Technology (Fall)
  • INST 972 Computers and Environmental Controls through Assistive Technology (Spring)
  • INST 980 Assistive Technology Assessment Process (Summer)
  • INST 985 Assistive Technology: Advanced Internship with Seminar (Fall, Spring, or Summer)