Course Cycle

Master of Arts Counseling Psychology [Licensing]

The following courses are suggested based on past course offerings from Summer 2008 through Fall 2010. The course offering proposal does not recommend number of sections of the courses; it simply suggests courses to be offered so prospective and current students can predict when the courses will appear in the future.

CPSY 911 Orientation to Counseling Practice
CPSY 925 Adult Psychopathology
CPSY 943 Family Counseling
CPSY 956 Understanding Social Science Research
CPSY 988 Counseling Internship B,
CPSY 998 Counseling Internship I
CPSY 990 Counseling Practicum I

CPSY 901 Theories of Psychotherapy and Counseling
CPSY 921 Professional Issues in Counseling and Mental Health
CPSY 945 Multicultural Counseling: Research, Theory, and Practice
CPSY 964 Advanced Principles of Learning and Development
CPSY 989 Counseling Internship C
CPSY 999 Counseling Internship II
CPSY 991 Counseling Practicum II

CPSY 910 Group Processes in Counseling
CPSY 962 Theories and Methods of Psychological Testing
CPSY 987 Counseling Internship A
CPSY 919 Problems of Substance Abuse (Offered on odd years, e.g., 2011 and 2013)
CPSY 966 Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (Offered on even years, e.g., 2012 and 2014)