Course Cycle

The following courses are suggested based on past course offerings from Fall through Summer. The course offering proposal does not recommend number of sections of the courses; it simply suggests courses to be offered so prospective and current students can predict when the courses will appear in the future.

Fall Course Offerings:

  • CPSY 901 Theories of Psychotherapy and Counseling
  • CPSY 910 Group Processes in Counseling
  • CPSY 921 Professional Issues in Counseling and Mental Health
  • CPSY 962 Theories and Methods of Psychological Testing
  • CPSY 966 Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • CPSY 975 Mental Health Counseling Practicum
  • CPSY 997B Counseling Internship B
  • CPSY 998 Counseling Internship I

Spring Course Offerings:

  • CPSY 911 Orientation to Counseling Practice
  • CPSY 925 Adult Psychopathology
  • CPSY 943 Family Counseling
  • CPSY 945 Multicultural Counseling: Research, Theory, and Practice
  • CPSY 964 Advanced Principles of Learning and Development
  • CPSY 975 Mental Health Counseling Practicum
  • CPSY 997C Counseling Internship C
  • CPSY 999 Counseling Internship II

Summer Course Offerings:

  • CPSY 956 Understanding Social Science Research
  • CPSY 919 Problems of Substance Abuse
  • CPSY 975 Mental Health Counseling Practicum
  • CPSY 977A Counseling Internship A