Learning Outcomes

Candidates who successfully complete the required coursework (48 credits), the practicum with the Pre-service Performance Assessment (300 hours/4 credits), the Professional Portfolio, and the comprehensive exam will have demonstrated their abilities to:

  • Plan general and modified curriculum and instruction for students with moderate disabilities in general education classrooms and other settings using the Massachusetts Frameworks, the MCAS Alt Frameworks, and other planning resources and guides, where appropriate

  • Design, deliver and assess general instruction, specialized instruction, accommodations, modifications, assistive technology and other appropriate supports and services provided for students with moderate disabilities without and with second language needs in general education classrooms and other settings

  • Design, implement and assess positive behavior supports that address primary and secondary prevention and tertiary intervention at the individual, classroom, and whole school levels

  • With other professionals, family members and the students, collaboratively design, implement and evaluate Individualized Education Programs, and, for the Grades 5-12 license, Individualized Transition Plans

  • Select, administer, score, and report findings from current versions of formal, standardized assessments such as the WIAT, KeyMath, TOWL, and other assessment instruments to key stakeholders, including families and school personnel

  • Explain and follow Federal and state statutes, regulations, policies and procedures governing special education in Massachusetts

  • Use accurate disability and special education terminology in all professional communications

  • Use person-first language consistently, unless an individual and/or his/her family has requested otherwise. (Exceptions include Deaf individuals.)

  • Communicate in effective and meaningful ways with the student, families and other people in the student’s identified circle of friends (where appropriate)

  • Adhere to the principles of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)’s Code of Ethics.