Course Cycle

Most Framingham State University Graduate Programs operate on a “self-service” model where students are expected to select and register each semester for the appropriate courses needed to fulfill the requirements for the degree program. The Master of Human Resources Concentration Management program accepts students for a fall or spring start. Please see the schedule of courses below.

Foundation Courses (May be waived. See your advisor)

ECON 610 Economic Analysis
MGMT 600 Foundations of Business

Core Graduate Level Courses

MGMT 900  Foundations of Human Resource Management*
MGMT 904  Management and Leadership
MGMT 934  Human Resource Information Systems
MGMT 946  Organizational Development and Change

MGMT 900  Foundations of Human Resource Management*
MGMT 955  Compensation and Performance Management
MGMT 963  Employee Benefits
MGMT 977  Managing Global Diversity in Organizations
MGMT 985  Seminar in Human Resource Management **

MGMT 922  Employment Law
MGMT 969  Business Ethics
MGMT 972  Training and Development

* MGMT 900 should be taken in the first semester (after completing any required Foundation courses if needed)

** MGMT 985 is the Capstone course and should be taken last. Approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies is required to register for this course.