Learning Outcomes

Intended Student Learning Outcomes for the Master of Human Resources (M.H.R.) with a Concentration in Human Resource Management Program

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate conceptual, analytical, and operational knowledge needed to assume a position in human resource management
  2. Employ a proper balance of theoretical and practical knowledge to create a human resource management infrastructure to enable the organization to attract, hire, develop, and retain the best and most diverse human talent possible.
  3. Demonstrate analytical, verbal, and intellectual skills needed to consult with organizational members, management, and leadership to develop cost-effective and legally compliant solutions to organizational challenges at both the systemic and individual employee level.
  4. Evaluate the best candidates to hire who have the requisite performance skills and organizational fit consonant with their organization
  5. Construct an organizational environment which promotes maximum employee engagement and productivity by utilizing their analytical, written, verbal, and intellectual skills


Assessment Tools for Intended Measures: 
 Learning Outcomes --
Direct Measures of Student Learning:

  1. Seminar in Human Resources Presentation         
  2. Seminar in Human Resources Comprehensive Project                                                                                               

Performance Targets/Criteria for Direct

  1. 100% of students will score at least 80% on the seminar presentation
  2. 100% of students will score at least a 80% on the seminar written project

Assessment Tools for Intended Student Learning Outcomes--Indirect Measures of Student Learning:

  1. M.H.R. Exit Survey                                                    

Performance Targets/Criteria for Indirect Measures:

  1. 100% of graduating students will be “Satisfied”or “Highly Satisfied” with the M.H.R. curriculum
  2. 100% of graduating students will state that the M.H.R. Program is “Effective” or Highly Effective” in accomplishing its stated objectives