Course Cycle

Year 1

Fall Semester
FASH 646 Fashion Merchandising: Process and Practice (as needed)
FASH 927 Research Methods in Merchandising
FASH 936 Retailing and Consumerism

Spring Semester
FASH 646 Fashion Merchandising: Process and Practice (as needed)
FASH 916 Fashion and Retail Theory
FASH 947 Global Market: Dynamics of Retailing

Summer Semester
FASH 980 Retail Strategies and Merchandising Management
Elective I (see below)

Year 2

Fall Semester
Elective II (see below)
Elective III (see below)

Spring Semester
Elective IV (see below)
FASH 995 Practicum in Merchandisingor
FASH 985 Thesis in Merchandising I

Summer Semester
FASH 996 Practicum in Merchandising II or 
FASH 986 Thesis in Merchandising II

Electives (Choose 4 from below)
FASH 933 Social Responsibility and Ethics in Merchandising (fall)
FASH 943 Managerial Strategies for Retailers (fall)
FASH 952 Retail Site, Location and Analysis (summer)
FASH 956 Digital Retailing (summer)
FASH 961 Promotional Strategies in Merchandising (spring)
FASH 972 Product Development and Analysis (spring)