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Interested in Starting a New Program in Your Area?

Open only to educators/professionals living and working overseas.

Framingham State University was established in 1839 as the first public institution of higher education in the United States devoted to teacher preparation. All of the programs are fully accredited by NECHE (the New England Commission of Higher Education). Our primary mission has been to provide the highest quality education for both pre-service and employed teachers. Throughout the years we have maintained this heritage and tradition with the highest personal and professional standards. The International Education Program helps to advance our mission on a global level.     

We have many sites throughout the world and are continuing to expand. This is a great opportunity for teachers to earn an advanced degree from an accredited United States University. 

It takes only 20 teachers to initiate the process and begin courses.  Courses are face to face, generally a two week period (40 hours) and the dates are based on the calendar created by the host site according to what is most convenient for the teachers. We send highly qualified Professors to teach the courses. The cost of the program is extremely reasonable, around 600 US dollars per course. Generally there are 9-10 courses, depending on the particular degree program that is chosen. We are not-for-profit and the specific cost is determined by the airfare, hotel, expenses and modest stipend for instructors divided by the number of students.  In order to get the program going, twenty teachers are needed for the cohort that lasts, generally, for two years.

Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education and submit an official copy of their undergraduate transcripts. For teachers with foreign degrees, those would need to be evaluated to ensure they are equivalent to a USA bachelor degree.  Each cohort group has a coordinator who prepares the calendar and sets up the venue, gathers the transcripts, sets up the hotel for the Professors, etc.  That coordinator receives free tuition for the entire program.  If he/she already has the degree, then a stipend equal to the tuition will be provided.

If interested, I would be most happy to provide more information about this program and how we might establish a partnership to provide a Master Degree Program to teachers in your area.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Marge Tye Zuba

Marge Tye Zuba

Director of Program Development, International Education Programs

Email: mtzuba [at] (mtzuba[at]comcast[dot]net)