Japanese Scroll | Archives 87.1

Historical Note:

            The donor of this scroll stated that he bought the item in Japan in the 1940s, after World War II, from an old man who wanted to sell it.


Scope and Content:

            This item is approximately 31 cm in height, including the wooden rod which the paper is attached. The width is unknown. It features a continuous scene of various seasons of the year in pen, ink, and watercolor. Included in this are street scenes, cooking, building snowmen, swimming, sailing, a parade, bathing, farming, etc. Men, women, children, animals, and modes of transportation are some of the items depicted on the scroll.


Provenance: Gift from Professor Robert Anstey in 1987.


Amount: 1 box (.4 linear feet).


Container List:

B.1       Japanese Scroll, n.d.