Louie G. Ramsdell: Papers, n.d. | MSS 48.1

Historical Sketch:

            Louie Gertrude Ramsdell, daughter of Frank and Julia (Johnson) Ramsdell, was born in 1872 in Natick, Massachusetts. After graduating from Natick High School she entered Framingham State Normal School. Her time there began in 1900 and she graduated in 1902. Shortly afterwards, Ramsdell became a third grade and then a sixth grade teacher. She later received her Ph.B (Bachelor of Philosophy) and M.S. (Master of Science) degrees at the University of Chicago. Ramsdell also completed a year of study under Dr. Usher of Harvard University. She was distinguished when she was elected to a Fellowship in the American Geographical Society.

            Several years after graduation from Framingham State Normal School, Ramsdell became one of the critic teachers in the Framingham Practice School. Shortly after this, she came to the college to teach geography and psychology and remained there until her retirement in May 1948. For a time, Ramsdell served as the acting head of the Elementary Department. While on the faculty at FSTC, Ramsdell prepared a book for the Massachusetts Department of Education. This book was titled A Course of Study in Geography for the Elementary School Grades.

            In addition to her professional duties, Ramsdell became an active member of the Alumnae Association, serving on their Executive Board. She was chairman during two important occasions in college history: the Horace Mann Biennial and the 100th anniversary Celebration in 1939. In 1959, the Alumnae Association published her pamphlet “The First State Normal School in America: the State Teachers College at Framingham, 1839 – 1939.” Remsdell was also a trustee for the “Amelia Davis Fund for Incapacitated Teachers.” She died on June 17, 1959 after a brief illness.


Scope and Content:

            The Papers of Louie G. Ramsdell contain six Japanese textbooks. These books document course materials used in elementary education in Japan prior to World War II. The volumes are paper covered with rice paper leaves containing pen-and-ink Japanese characters and drawings.


Provenance: Gift of Louie G. Ramsdell, June 2, 1948.

Amount: 6 volumes (.4 linear foot)

Container List:


V.1                  Teacher’s elementary school math book            [21470]

V.2                  New modern textbook, 1                                  [21471]

V.3                  Elementary textbook, 2                                   [21472]

V.4                  Elementary textbook, 3                                   [21373]

V.5                  Elementary textbook, 4                                   [21474]

V. 6                 Religious stories                                             [7?]