Imprint Collection

Through a generous gift of the Alumni Association in 1972, the Special Collections received a number of limited edition volumes published by the Imprint Society. These reprints include classic works of history, exploration, travel, literature, and Americana.

The Imprint Society limited each edition to 1,950 numbered signed copies. Illustrations were selected from unpublished watercolors, historic engravings, or restrikes of rare copperplates.

Sampling of Titles from the Imprint Collection:

Domestic Manners of the Americans. Francis Trollope. Barre, MA: Imprint Society, 1969.

The Genial Showman: Being the Reminiscences of the Life of Artemus Ward. Edward P. Hingston. Barre, MA: Imprint Society, 1971.

Great Locofoco Juggernaut. Malcolm Johnson. Barre, MA: Imprint Society, 1971.

The Sea and the Jungle. H.M. Tomlinson. Barre, MA: Imprint Society, 1971.

Travels into North America. Peter Kalm. Barre, MA: Imprint Society, 1972.