University Archives Collection Description

Records in the University Archives range from the earliest days of the Normal School in 1839 to the present time. They include materials such as minutes, reports, ledgers, subject files, publications, and photographs. There are, however, gaps within the collection, due in part to the fact that the University Archives was established only within the past thirty years. For information on additional college records available in other locations on campus, contact the Special Collections Librarian.

The bulk of the records are organized by record group. These record groups are named for the office or department of the University from which the materials originated. An inventory that lists the items found within the record groups is available in the Special Collections.

Some of the materials in the Archives are organized by subject, including vertical files, brochures and posters, photographs and oversize materials. These items can be identified by consulting the indices available in the Special Collections.

Record Group Titles     

RG 1    Framingham State University Governing Bodies
RG 2    Office of the President
RG 3    Administrative Offices
RG 4    Auxiliary Services
RG 5    Undergraduate Programs
RG 6    Graduate & Continuing Education Programs
RG 7    Framingham State University Publications
RG 8    Faculty & Staff Organizations
RG 9    Student Activities & Clubs/Student Activity Office
RG 10    Formal Student Events
RG 11    Lecture Series & Institutes
RG 12    Normal School Records
RG 13    Alumnae/I Association