4+1 Programs

Earn a bachelor's and master's degree in just five years.

Framingham State's 4+1 programs give high-achieving undergraduate students the opportunity to earn a graduate degree in just one additional year. Students who meet certain qualifications apply to the graduate program during their junior year and begin taking graduate level courses during their senior year. These courses count toward both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, providing students with the opportunity to earn both in just five years.

Biology Major to PSM in Biotechnology

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The new Bachelor of Science/Professional Science Master's (BS/PSM) 4+1 track combines undergraduate and graduate training in a scientific discipline, plus the components of business and regulatory training. This will prepare undergraduate Biology majors for a career in the pharmaceutical industry, government or healthcare industry, with just one additional year of school to complete the Professional Science Master's with a concentration in Biotechnology, specialization in Quality Assurance. The BS/PSM degrees program can be completed in a period of five years - four undergraduate years and one year of graduate studies - and is intended to focus on training highly motivated undergraduate juniors with applicable scientific and professional skills for the biotech industry.

English Major to Master of Arts

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Framingham State University’s five-year Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts (BA/MA) Program with a Concentration in English prepares students for high school or community college teaching, as well as graduate studies in English at the Ph.D. level, pre-professional studies in law and library science, and for careers in communications, public relations, publishing, marketing, information sciences, human resources, and business and public administration. Students in the Bachelor of Arts in English program will have the opportunity to further develop and refine their writing and communication skills, think critically and creatively, and use emerging information technologies in the pursuit of advanced research in their graduate courses for the Master of Arts concentration in English.