Minor in Child and Family Studies


The Child and Family Studies Minor is designed for students interested in working with young children and their families as teachers or administrators in pre-school, childcare, early intervention or other community-based programs. This minor includes coursework in Child and Family Studies, Education, Psychology, and Sociology. Within this program of study, there is a strong focus placed on family involvement, family engagement, and collaboration across families, educational settings, and communities.

Students declaring the Child and Family Studies Minor are required to complete five (5) courses from the list below, two (2) of which must have the CFST designation. Students may only apply two (2) courses towards both their major and this minor.

The minor requires five (5) courses from the following:

  • CFST 118 Child, Family, School, and Community: Connections and Collaborations
  • CFST 212 Disability in Society
  • CFST 301 Infant and Toddler Curriculum
  • CFST 311 Pre-school Curriculum: Language Development and Early Literacy
  • CFST 312 Pre-school Curriculum: Integrating Math, Science, Social Studies, and Art
  • CFST 390 Special Topics in Child and Family Studies
  • CFST 405 Administration and Leadership of Early Education and Care Settings
  • CFST 440 Research in Child and Family Studies
  • CFST 495 Internship in Child and Family Studies
  • EDUC 205 Equity in Educational Settings
  • EDUC 305 Educational Policy
  • PSYC 200 Psychology of Development or
    • PSYC 201 Child Development
  • SOCI 212 Sociology of the Families