Programs by Location

Programs by Location

Where can I study in Africa?

No matter your major, there are a variety of study abroad opportunities available across the African continent. Because Africa is a less commonly visited destination for study abroad, there are several special scholarships available to help support your international education there. Contact the FSU Office of International Programs to talk more about these options. Many programs are delivered in English-speaking locations and institutions. There are also opportunities for language immersion (in languages like French, Arabic, Swahili, and other Indigenous African languages) for students seeking to include language studies as part of their international education experience. 

Recent students from Framingham State University have studied abroad in locations such as the following: 

Besides these, there are many other options in countries like BotswanaKenya, MadagascarTanzania, Senegal, South Africa, and more! We encourage you to explore the following organizations and institutions offering study abroad in a variety of locations in Africa. 


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Where can I study in the Americas?

You don't have to leave our hemisphere to have a meaningful international educational experience. Sometimes the most rewarding experiences take place right here in our own region of the globe!

Study abroad programs are available across North America, the Caribbean, and South America. As with other parts of the world, there are many programs available in English as well as a variety of options which include language immersion in languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, and French. In general, studying abroad within the Americas oftentimes tends to be one of the most affordable regions to consider. 

In recent years, students from Framingham State University have studied in a diverse range of locations, including the following:

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The locations listed are just a few examples of what's possible. There are many additional opportunities for study abroad across the Americas in countries like Argentina, Chile, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Uruguay, and more! Check out the following programs/organizations to learn more. 

ASANova Scotia Exchange Program
CAPAQuébec Student Exchange Program
CCISSEA Semester
IFSAThe Washington Center

No matter your major, it is always a very smart, career-enhancing idea to include the study of languages as part of your undergraduate education at FSU (be sure to contact our FSU World Languages Department for more information on the courses we offer). Latin American countries like Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay are particularly great destinations for studying Spanish. Brazil is an ideal location to study Portuguese and Canada is an especially affordable option for any students wanting to further their French language skills.

Where can I study in Asia?

There are many great opportunities for study abroad across Asia. Programs are available in English and there are also opportunities for language immersion in languages such as Chinese and others. Because Asia is a less commonly visited destination for American study abroad students, there are various special scholarships available to support your studies in this region of the world. Recent FSU students have gone to a variety of unique destinations including the following: 

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In addition to the examples noted above, there are many other possibilities for study abroad in Asia in countries like China, India, Japan, Korea, TaiwanThailand, Vietnam, and more! Have a look at these organizations below which offer a diverse range of options.

American Councils - Taiwan IFSA
CIEETemple University, Tokyo

Where can I study in Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific?

s a largely English-speaking region of the world, Australia and New Zealand are popular destinations for American students seeking to study abroad. The following are some great options where recent Framingham State students have studied:

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In addition to the options listed above, you could also choose to study elsewhere in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific region through one of the following study abroad provider organizations. You may also choose to apply directly for admission as a visiting international student to the universities. Contact the FSU Office of International Programs for more information. Options are available at various unique institutions in places like Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa, and others!

ArcadiaISEP *direct enroll programs only
EcoQuest (NZ)USAC
Frontiers Abroad (NZ) 

Australia Universities:

Curtin Uni. of Technology - PerthUniversity of Sydney
James Cook UniversityUniversity of Queensland
Macquarie UniversityUniversity of Tasmania
Monash UniversityUniversity of Western Australia
University of MelbourneUniversity of Wollongong
University of New South Wales 

NZ Universities: 

University of AucklandMassey University
University of CanterburyVictoria Uni. of Wellington
University of Otago 

Where can I study in Europe?

Historically, Western Europe is the most common destination for American study abroad students. Nations like Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, France, and Spain have a wide range of possibilities where FSU students regularly go for semesters, summers, and/or winter sessions abroad. In addition, there are various less commonly visited destinations across the continent which may interest you. Programs are generally taught in English, though there are also ample opportunities to include the study of languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, and others. 

The following are a few examples of places where students from Framingham State University have studied in recent years: 


Don't see what you're looking for? Thinking about another destination? Besides the examples listed above, there are numerous other study abroad opportunities in Europe available through the following provider organizations and institutions in countries like Austria, BelgiumBulgaria, Estonia, FranceGermanyMalta, Poland, RussiaSweden, and others! We encourage you to look through these websites and contact the FSU Office of International Programs with your questions. 

Budapest Semesters in MathSIT

You may also choose to apply directly to a British or Irish university as a visiting international student. As English-speaking countries, these are all locations where you could have access to a wide range of courses taught in English alongside local students. In addition to those institutions noted above where recent FSU students have studied, the following are also options you may wish to consider. As always, be sure to have a meeting with the FSU Office of International Programs to talk about these options and confirm that they are the right fit for your interests and goals.

London South Bank University, EnglandUniversity of Roehampton, England
Maynooth University, IrelandUniversity of Limerick, Ireland
Oxford-Brookes University, EnglandUniversity of Stirling, Scotland
Royal Holloway University, EnglandUniversity of Wales Trinity St. David
University of Galway, IrelandUniversity of Westminster, England

Where can I study in the Middle East & North Africa?

The Middle East and North Africa form a fascinating region of the world where students can pursue a wide range of academic interests and goals. Various programs are available in English, and there are also opportunities for students to study languages like Hebrew and Arabic. The French language is also widely spoken in parts of North Africa, making countries like Morocco particularly good locations for any students seeking to further their French skills.  

The following are a few examples of where past Framingham State University students have studied abroad in this region of the world:


Besides these options listed above, there are multiple other programs offered in the Middle East and North Africa in countries like Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates. We encourage you to browse these partner study abroad organizations and reach out to the FSU Office of International Programs with your questions. 

APISIT Study Abroad

Understanding Program Types

There are several different types of semester and summer study abroad programs, as described below. Essentially, the differences between these program types have to do with billing and application processes. Regardless of which program type you pursue, the courses will transfer back towards your FSU degree program and you'll be able to apply your financial aid towards the cost of your studies abroad. 

University Exchange Programs

When you study abroad at one of FSU's University Exchange Partners, you will continue to pay your normal tuition and fees to FSU, just as if you were here on campus. These are among the most cost-effective and culturally-immersive study abroad opportunities available to you! At most sites, you will pay housing fees directly to your host institution (and those housing fees are usually somewhat less than our housing costs in Massachusetts). Every semester, various FSU students study abroad at one of our Exchange Partner schools. Likewise, Framingham State regularly welcomes international students who come from these overseas universities to complete their own studies abroad in the United States. 

FSU is pleased to offer study abroad opportunities through the following Exchange Programs. At each of these institutions, a wide range of academic courses are available so students from any major could go to any one of these exciting destinations! Students will apply for these schools through the FSU Office of International Programs, and the application deadlines are typically in mid-October for Spring semester, or mid-April for Fall semester. Some summer courses are available through these schools as well. 

  • Study in England at the University of East Anglia
    • UEA is in the historic city of Norwich, a great student city that combines history, culture, and progressive thought. Located less than 2 hours' train ride northeast of London, UEA has easy access to public transportation so traveling around the UK is a breeze!
    • Students live on-campus in apartments with single-bedrooms and shared kitchens and bathrooms. You'll be able to cook your own meals and can choose to purchase meals at one of the various on-campus dining options. 
  • Study in Hong Kong, China at Lingnan University 
    • Lingnan is an English language university in cosmopolitan Hong Kong which welcomes students from across China and around the world. This is a great location for any students interested in East Asia. The campus is in a safe residential area, close to extensive public transportation, leafy public parks, museums, Chinese and international restaurants, and nightlife. It’s also a few minutes’ drive away from sandy beaches on the South China Sea.
    • English is the language of instruction for most courses, and virtually all students and faculty at the university are proficient in English. It will be possible, however, to take Mandarin Chinese language courses at Lingnan and students with an interest in language learning will have ample opportunity to practice and develop their Chinese language skills. 
    • Students live in an on-campus residence hall with a local student roommate (who has typically volunteered to live with an international student like you as a way to befriend someone from another part of the world). Like FSU, there is a cafeteria on-campus where you can purchase regular meals. 
  • Study in Ecuador at Universidad de Las Américas
    • Nestled among the Andes mountains in the Ecuadorian capital city of Quito, UdLA is a great option for any students with an interest in Latin America, especially those seeking to develop proficiency in the Spanish language. UdLA offers various courses that are taught in English for international students, and you'll have access to their full curriculum of courses delivered in Spanish alongside local students.
    • You could take all your classes in Spanish or a combination of classes taught in Spanish and English.
    • Students live alongside local and international students in residence halls near the campus. Homestays with local Ecuadorian families are also available. 

Partnership Programs

FSU's Partnership Programs encompass various overseas institutes and universities that are not covered by our University Exchanges noted above. When you study abroad through one of our Partnership Programs, you will apply for admission directly to them and pay them directly for all tuition, fees, and housing. It is still necessary, however, to meet with the FSU Office of International Programs before you begin the application process, as we will need to certify your application. Sometimes, these programs actually end up costing less than the price of tuition and housing on-campus in Framingham. You will not pay anything to FSU while you are away on a Partnership Program (though you continue to be enrolled as an FSU student and will continue to have access to FSU academic and personal support services). 

FSU maintains partnerships with various institutions located around the world. Be sure to review our Program Choices page for listing of different possibilities. The following are some examples of where FSU students frequently go:


Study Abroad Provider Organizations

Many students choose to study abroad through a Provider Organization which manages your study abroad experience, usually in partnership with a university in your host country. Based here in the United States, your Study Abroad Provider will handle your application, meal plan, housing arrangements, course placement, and other logistical essentials of your international education experience. Most providers include in-country insurance and group excursions as well.

As with the aforementioned Partnership Programs, when you go abroad with a Study Abroad Provider you will apply for admission directly to that organization after having consulted with the FSU Office of International Programs. You will also pay the provider directly for all tuition and fees. You continue to be enrolled as an FSU student and will continue to have access to FSU academic and personal support services. 

The following are several high-quality Study Abroad Providers that have regularly welcomed students from Framingham State University on their programs overseas. All of these organizations deliver multiple programs in different places around the world. Besides just Fall or Spring semester, many of these organizations also administer shorter-term programs during the summer and winter sessions. You may find that the cost of their tuition and fees will vary greatly from location-to-location, but that they also may offer program-specific scholarships to help defer those varied prices. 

Yes, as you can see, nearly all study abroad providers go by their acronyms or initials. This is just an interesting reality of the field of education abroad! 

Faculty-led Study Tours / Travel Courses

Join a faculty member on an academic experience abroad! Professors from FSU or other Massachusetts state universities combine experiential learning with academics to provide you and a small group of other college students with a fast-paced, unique course abroad. 

Faculty-led study tours are short-term study abroad opportunities that usually take place during Winter Break, Spring Break, or the Summer Term. They may last anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Some study tours award academic credit to student participants, which can be counted towards your general education requirements, major/minor requirements, and/or gen-eds. Other study tours are purely experiential learning opportunities.

FSU Faculty-led Study Tours

Previous tours led by FSU faculty members have gone to India, Ireland, China, and the Dominican Republic! Details on future trips will be posted and shared through the FSU Office of International Programs and FSU academic departments. 

Faculty-led Courses Abroad with the Massachusetts State System

Programs offered at the other Massachusetts state universities are open to FSU students, most of which are an opportunity to earn academic credit. Take a look at the links below to access further information, and feel free to reach out to the FSU Office of International Programs and/or the study abroad offices at our sister state schools for more details.

  • Bridgewater State University
    Recent study tours have gone to Belize, Canada, Cape Verde, China, Hawaii, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, South Korea, and Tanzania.
  • Fitchburg State University
    Recent study tours have gone to Hangzhou, China; Grenoble, France; Verona, Italy; and Barcelona, Spain.
  • Massachusetts College of Art & Design
    Recent travel courses have visited Japan, England, and Southeast Asia. 
  • Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
    Recent study tours have gone to Germany, Japan, Peru, and domestically within the U.S.
  • Salem State University
    Spring Break courses in Greece, Lativia, Liberia, Puerto Rico, and Mexico;  Summer Programs in China, Indonesia, Poland, and Bermuda. Summer Language Programs in Spain, Italy, Canada, and France.
  • UMass Amherst
    Various thematically-focused summer and spring break travel courses around Europe and Latin America. 
  • UMass Boston 
    Various thematically-focused summer and spring break travel courses in places like Belize, Chile, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, and the Netherlands.
  • UMass Lowell  
    Some recent travel courses have included Spanish language in Spain and Cuba, and Entrepreneurship in India.
  • Westfield State University
    Recent study tours have gone to Belize, Kenya, India, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Greece and Israel.
  • Worcester State University
    Recent study tours have visited the Caribbean or Eastern Europe during the January Term, Spring Break, and/or Summer. 

Consider an International Internship!

Employers today are looking for candidates who have:

  • Relevant global experience
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Flexibility, adaptability and confidence
  • Work experience
- See more at:

So, having an internship on your resume is more important than ever! Various study abroad programs enable you to undertake an internship for credit as one of your courses during a semester abroad. There are also a variety of internship-focused, credit-bearing programs offered during the semesters and/or summer terms. In most locations, the study abroad program will collaborate with you to identify and place you into an internship that aligns with your academic interests and professional goals. These internship opportunities typically combine a work placement with a regular seminar course that synthesizes academic learning and professional experience. 

We encourage you to explore these organizations to investigate what's possible.

American Councils - Summer Overseas Internships - Eastern Europe & Asia

Amizade Global Service-Learning - Various locations globally 

Arcadia Abroad - Europe, Australia, New Zealand

Academic Programs International (API) - Latin America, Europe, New Zealand

Academic Studies Abroad - Latin America & Europe

CAPA International Education - Latin America, Europe, Australia

CIEE - Various locations globally 

The Education Abroad Network (TEAN) - Australia, New Zealand, East Asia

Institute for Field Education (IFE) - Belgium & France

Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA) - Various locations globally 

IES Abroad - Various locations globally

School for International Training (SIT) - Various locations globally