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Learning Outcomes

  • Write substantive, source-based, thesis-driven papers, using lucid prose, which demonstrate critical and creative thinking based on relevant evidence and analytical reasoning 

  • Appropriately and effectively employ the research methods, terminology, and citation style of their field of research 

  • Locate bibliographic resources including electronic databases and/or other emerging technologies as appropriate to the respective interdisciplinary program 

  • Analyze the significance of the evidence as appropriate to the audience and purpose 

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Degree Requirements for the Major in Liberal Studies:

  • Eleven (11) General Education course credits including one laboratory science.
  • Eleven (11) Open Elective course credits. A maximum of eight (8) course credits may be applied toward open electives from “Prior Learning Assessment” course credits.
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 in the major as well as an overall GPA of 2.00 is required in order to graduate.
  • Residency requirements: A minimum of eight (8) course credits post-matriculation must be taken at the University to complete residency requirements for the degree.
  • A minimum of five (5) course credits post-matriculation must be taken in the concentration, including two (2) advanced level (300-400) concentration course credits along with LIBS 450 Seminar in Liberal Studies.

Major Requirements (10 Course-Credits)

Eight (8) concentration courses from at least two (2) but no more than three (3) major academic departments. A total of five (5) course-credits from at least two (2) academic departments must be completed at the advanced level (300-400), two (2) of which must be taken at FSU post-matriculation.

Eight (8) concentration courses, of which a minimum of five (5) course credits must be completed at the advanced level (300-400). Students must submit an academic plan listing the eight (8) concentration courses for approval to the Liberal Studies Advisory Group prior to starting the desired program. Any changes from the approved academic plan must be submitted to the Liberal Studies Advisory Group for approval prior to enrolling in the course(s).  

Career Opportunities

Liberal Studies majors will be prepared to pursue career opportunities across a wide range of exciting fields, including:

Hemenway labs


Has political power in the government or seeking an elected office in government.

Human Resources Manager

Recruitment and staffing, benefits, leave administration, and updating company policies.


Work in institutions to help patrons research and find information for leisure and professional use. 

Physician’s Assistant

Diagnose, treat, and care for patients, often supervised by MDs. Advanced degree needed.


Care for the animals that live in zoos through providing food, water and basic veterinary care.

Legislative Analyst

Conduct research and analysis on legislative policies and trends.

Meet Our Faculty

Kelly Matthews

Kelly Matthews, Ph.D.

Liberal Studies Advisor and Coordinator, Liberal Studies and Associate Professor, English
Jillian Carbone

Jillian Carbone '22, Senior Class Marshal

“Choosing Liberal Studies as my major gave me the freedom to choose courses that interested me across multiple subject areas, rather than limiting me to one subject.” 

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