If you are Withdrawing from the University:

  • Before the start of classes for the term, you should select "will NOT be participating in the Day Division this term" through the Notification to FSU on Attendance in myFramingham.
  • On or after the start of classes, the student must complete a “Notification of Withdrawal” form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. This form can be obtained from the Dean of Students Office (deanofstudents [at] framingham.edu). 
  • For a student withdrawing from the University, the charge percentages apply to tuition, fees (see All About Tuition and Fees). Excluded from this policy are: the tuition deposit, the residence hall deposit, the resident parking deposit and fee, the returned check fee and any other use or penalty fees which are non-refundable.
  • Based on the official date of withdrawal from the University, you will be charged the corresponding percentages as listed in All About Tuition and Fees.
  • Please note that federal regulations require that if you have received federal financial aid funds, you will only be eligible to receive the percentages of these funds as regulated by the federal government. If you do not submit a "Notification of Withdrawal" form and the University determines that you have withdrawn, you will only be eligible to receive up to 50% of your federal financial aid funds. You will be responsible to pay any balance due to the University if financial aid funds are reduced.


If you are remaining at the University, but wish to:

  • Change from Part-Time to Full-Time or from Full-Time to Part-Time: You should indicate this change through the Enrollment Status Change link before the first day of classes on the homepage of myFramingham. On or after the first day of classes, you must complete and submit an Enrollment Status Request to the Office of the Registrar either in office or via your student e-mail. You have until the last day of Fall 2024 Course Add/Drop, September 11, 2024, to make enrollment changes. 
  • Drop or Add a Course(s): You can drop or add a course through your myFramingham account until the end of the Fall 2024 Course Add/Drop deadline, September 11, 2024.  If, through the process of adding and dropping courses, you change your status (part-time vs. full-time) you must complete an Enrollment Status Change to be billed correctly in a timely manner. See above: "Change from Part-Time to Full-Time or from Full-Time to Part-Time." (Three or more courses is considered full-time and one or two courses are considered part-time.)
  • Withdraw from a Course: you can withdraw from Fall courses until September 11, 2024. There is a form located on the Registrar's Office page, that you would need to fill out to withdraw. When you withdraw from a course, you are still charged the full amount of the course.  
  • Withdraw from the Residence Hall: you must indicate this change online through the "Residence Hall Withdrawal" link. The residence hall deposit is non-refundable. A refund of the residence hall damage deposit is made at the end of each academic year after an assessment for any damages. The resident parking fee is non-refundable. If you have any questions regarding housing policies, please contact the Office of Residence Life. Please note that withdrawal from a residence hall does not automatically withdraw the student from the meal plan.
  • Withdraw from the Meal Plan: you should so indicate this change through the Meal Plan Change link located on the home page of myFramingham before September 4, 2024. All residence hall students must have a meal plan. On or after September 6th, you must go to the Dining Services Office and complete a form to withdraw from the meal plan. Absolutely no refunds will be issued without a completed form. The charge percentage will be at the same daily rate as listed in All About Tuition & Fees. Please note that any change to a less expensive meal plan must be made at the Dining Services Office on or before the last day of Course Add/Drop period, September 11, 2024. If you have a PLUS meal plan, you may not change to a non-PLUS meal plan on or after the start of classes, September 4, 2024.