Student Services Overview

The Office of Graduate Studies is here to aid in any academic related information. Once enrolled as a student here at Framingham State University, the Office of Graduate Studies is the place to go with questions regarding the following:

  1. Program Coordinator and/or Advisors
  2. Graduate Policies
    1. Transfer credit
    2. Course approvals
    3. Leave of Absence
    4. Comprehensive Exam/Capstone application process
    5. Graduation applications

The Dean of Graduate and Continuing Education is here to help in any way he can. 

The Office of Career Services and Employer Relations is here to help with any questions or research about potential career opportunities. Some of their services include:

  1. Guidance with finding a good career fit (through skills and personality inventories and career counseling)
  2. Help implementing the job/internship search through resume and cover letter development, interview preparation, on and off-campus job searches, and learning about our job listing system/database, HANDSHAKE
  3. Providing information on choosing a major, full-time positions, service programs and graduate schools
  4. Virtual one-on-one advising and consultation to help you with your career needs
  5. Pair you with a mentor from our alumni and employer partners through RamLink
  6. Numerous and varied resources including printed handouts and Web-based tools to help identify a good career fit
  7. Advice on how to network and market your skills and experiences to employers
  8. Help with developing your soft skills (leadership, initiative, teamwork, etc.) throughout your college experience

Here’s a warm welcome from the Director of Career Services and Employer Relations; a double FSU Alum.

At the Henry Whittemore Library, students can utilize the on-campus facility and the online database. You can go there and talk to one of our Librarians, like Hedda Monaghan, for questions about the different steps and processes to go through when doing research. Also, it’s a nice quiet area on campus that you can study. The Student IT helpdesk is also located on the Lower Mezzanine floor of the Whittemore Library.

The Student Service Center is your transactional piece to the puzzle. Whether it’s questions about class schedules, financial aid, or payment options; the Center is here to help. Typical office ours for the Center is Monday and Tuesday 8:30am – 6:30pm and Wednesday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm. (Due to COVID-19, there are no extended hours at this time)

COVID-19 restrictions have not allowed students to meet face-to-face with staff in the Financial Aid Office We want to assure you that application processing has continued successfully and we have been able to communicate with many students via email and phone appointments.  A phone appointment can be scheduled by emailing or calling the office.

Graduate students can apply for financial aid by completing the 2020-2021 FAFSA.  It’s not too late to apply.  Students enrolled at least half time in a degree granting program are eligible for the student loan programs.   The financial aid programs for graduate students include both the Federal and private alternative student loan programs.  The Financial Aid Office can also assist students with questions or information about repayment options on undergraduate loans while in graduate school. 

Much more information can be found on the FSU website.

This office is responsible for coordinating services and information in the areas of course information (including the University Catalog); semester course offerings & final examination schedule; classroom assignments; major/concentration & minor declaration, advisor assignments; degree audit; certification of enrollment and degrees awarded; name & address changes; posting of mid-semester grade warning, final grades,  grade changes, transcript requests, transfer credit evaluation and maintaining transfer course equivalencies; providing information regarding institutional policies and practices; and privacy and security of academic records.

This office is responsible for ensuring that your billing information is accurate. Once registered for a class, your bill will be generated. The Student Accounts department will aid you in generating a payment plan, applying any discounts (i.e. corporate – if applicable), and/or collecting any documentation about your student bill.

The Center for Academic Success and Achievement is committed to help students achieve academic success in any learning environment! Our professional math and writing tutors are up and running with the start of classes, and subject tutoring is coming online, too. Please check the schedule and access information by clicking above. Supplemental Instruction continues; for schedules and access information, click above or check your course site. Disability/Access Services remains available to both students and faculty; please follow the links on the navigation menu to access these services. Finally, we recognize that this transition to a new learning environment creates much anxiety and concern. We are here to help students navigate remote learning.

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