Services Available

The Health Center can diagnosis and treat viral and bacterial infections, including urinary tract infections, strep throat, influenza, mono, the common cold and sinusitis. We also help manage seasonal allergy symptoms and stomach pain/gastroenteritis. In addition to these services, the Health Center can assess rashes, cuts and abrasions, sprains and remove stitches.  The providers in the Health Center can prescribe medications as needed and order lab work or imaging, such as x-rays, to assist in a diagnosis. Rapid 5 minute strep, mono and influenza tests are also utilized in the Health Center. Providers can refer to specialists as needed. For information about various illnesses and how to care for them, see the Student Self Care Guide. Campus Police is available 24 hours a day to assist with emergency medical situations – contact them at 508-626-4911. 

The Health Center is open to all students, including full-time, part-time, commuter, and residents, undergraduate and graduate. There is never a co-pay for a visit, and students are not limited to a set number of visits per year. Insurance is not notified of visits to our office – student fees cover the costs. All visits are confidential and follow strict HIPPA privacy guidelines. We are happy to set up appointments to discuss health concerns or questions, as well as for illnesses. Same-day appointments are usually available – call or walk in to schedule an appointment. 508-626-4900 

The Health Center offers TB testing (PPD test) for $20. These tests are administered Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays and students must be able to return to the Health Center 48-72 hours later to have the test read. Please call ahead of time to schedule the appointment and to verify that the test is in stock. Local pharmacies and urgent care clinics can also administer this test. The influenza vaccine may be offered at the Health Center – watch for email announcements regarding flu clinics. All students are encouraged to get immunized against the flu before coming to campus in the Fall. 

The Health Center keeps an updated list of specialists in the Framingham area, including dermatologists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists, neurologists and more. If a student needs to be seen by a specialist, the provider will discuss options for care.  We encourage all students with chronic health issues to work out a care plan with their PCP prior to arriving on campus. 

The Health Center provides pelvic exams to help diagnosis and treat vaginal infections and can also perform screening Pap tests if you are due for one.  The new health screening guidelines are for women to have their first Pap at age 21, and then every three years after that as long as the results are normal. The Pap test will be sent to our lab (Quest).  Quest will bill your insurance for the cost of the test.  It is mandated by law that this test be covered by your insurance.  Please bring your insurance card to your appointment, as Quest will need this information for correct billing. In the event that follow-up care, such as a colposcopy, is needed, we will refer you to a local gynecologist. 

The Health Center offers STI screening through Quest Laboratory. We screen for gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis.  We also diagnose herpes and genital warts.  

The Health Center provides free pregnancy testing in our office. No insurance or outside lab is involved in this testing. The Health Center can provide names of local OB/GYN providers for prenatal care. The Health Center provides post-abortion follow-up care. 


The Health Center can prescribe birth control pills, the NuvaRing and “the shot” (Depo-Provera).  This involves an appointment where we will review your health history, discuss your birth control options, and help you choose which birth control is right for you.   

The Health Center has two types of Emergency Contraception available to students with an appointment - Plan B and Ella.  A healthcare provider will help you determine if you are at risk for pregnancy and which option would work better for you.  The cost is $20 for plan B and Ella.  Both work best when taken as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse. When making an appointment for Emergency Contraception, please mention that you need to be seen that day. If the Health Center is closed, we recommend students go to the pharmacy or urgent care to obtain Emergency Contraception. Plan B is available at pharmacies without a prescription – ask at the pharmacy. Ella requires a prescription. 

The Nurse Practitioners and physicians who staff the health center can provide prescriptions, such as asthma medications, antibiotics as appropriate, birth control, and other medications needed to treat episodic illnesses or maintain your health. You will be seen for an appointment and prescribed the necessary medication at your visit.  Prescriptions can be electronically sent to the pharmacy of your choice to be filled.  There is no pharmacy on campus but several which are within walking or short driving distance. 

Many rapid tests are available in the Health Center, including strep, mono, influenza and pregnancy. Providers utilize these tests when appropriate.  

The Health Center works with Quest Diagnostics for off-site lab testing. If a student is seen for an illness and a test is deemed necessary, a sample will be sent to Quest. Students will be notified of the results as soon as they become available. Common tests sent out include urine cultures, throat cultures, STI testing, and wound cultures.  

If blood work is ordered, students will be sent to the lab at MetroWest Medical Center in Framingham. Free taxi vouchers are available from the Health Center to get the student to and from the lab. Students must have their insurance card when they go to the lab. 

When any test is sent to the laboratory from the Health Center, Quest will bill the student’s insurance company for the cost of the test. Students should bring their insurance card to every visit in case a lab is ordered – Quest will need this information for their billing. All in-house testing is free and does not involve insurance notification. 

Because every insurance plan is different, we suggest contacting your insurance company for more information regarding costs, as well as whether any kind of statement will be sent to the Insurance Policy Holder regarding testing that was performed. This will be the same laboratory billing policy regardless of whether you use your PCP, an urgent care clinic or FSU Health Center. 

The Health Center encourages students to protect their health in all aspects of their life. Free condoms are available at the Health Center!  We have a basket in the waiting room which is stocked with condoms.   We also have female condoms, latex-free condoms, and dental dams available – ask at the front desk if none are available in the waiting room. 

A Registered Dietician, Licensed Dietician/Nutritionist is available for free nutritional counseling in the Health Center. Any student with nutritional concerns or questions regarding healthy eating, weight issues, special diets (such as vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free) or general nutrition is encouraged to call and make an appointment. Hours and days vary, so please contact the Health Center for more information. 508626-4900.