Contact the RRC

Contact Sarah Ripton in the Dean of Students Office 508-626-4596 or email deanofstudents [at] (deanofstudents[at]framingham[dot]edu) for more information or to set up a time outside of normal operating hours to visit the pantry.


How to donate to the RRC

Donation bins are located on campus in the Dean of Students Office (McCarthy Center, 5th Floor), Office of Enrollment and Student Development (Dwight Hall, Room 306), the Game Room (McCarthy Center, 3rd Floor), the Snack Bar (McCarthy Center, 2nd Floor) and the Veterans Services Center (Dwight Hall, 113), and the Independent Association of Framingham State Alumni House (42 Adams Road).


Suggested donation items


Contact the Dean of Students Office for additional ways to either request or donate meals.


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