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Course Title  



 PRDV 70325
 Sweet Solutions
 PRDV 70622
 Using Google Tools in the Classroom
 PRDV 70725


 Defining and Creating Professional
 Learning Communities



 PRDV 70825

 Creating Meaningful Learning with iPads

 PRDV 70917
 Teaching All Students by Design
 PRDV 70920
 Get a Blog: Wordpress for Teachers
 PRDV 70924
 PRDV 70925

 Teach to Reach Every Learner



 PRDV 71024
 Promoting Nutrition in the School Environment
 PRDV 71124
 Get Moving! Promoting Physical Activity in Schools
 PRDV 71225
 Learning Through Games
 PRDV 71324
 Common Standards in Reading and Writing
 PRDV 71525
 Universal Design for Learning Math in the Classroom
 PRDV 71615
  Web Site Design for Today's Educator
 PRDV 71717
 Creating iMovies with Students
 PRDV 71823

  iPad for Special Educators

 PRDV 71918
 Making Technology Count for K-8 Mathematics

 PRDV 72419
 Designing and Evaluating Virtual Field Trips
 PRDV 72519


  Special Education: IEP - An In-Depth Study


 PRDV 72619


  Special Education: Developing Collaborative 



 PRDV 72719


  Special Education: Federal and State Laws and 



 PRDV 72722
  Google Earth Across the Curriculum
 PRDV 72724


  Using Mentor Texts to Teach Writing in the
  Common Core



 PRDV 72824


 Guidelines for Talking with Students and Parents
 about Sexual and Gender Identity


 PRDV 72833
 New Tools, New Rules: Engaging the Digital Child
 PRDV 73019


 Preventing Eating Disorders



 PRDV 73824
 Teaching the African American Experience
 PRDV 73924


  Design of Modification of Curriculum Materials
  and General Classroom Environments for Students
  with Moderate Disabilities



 PRDV 74024


  Ways to Prepare and Maintain Students 
  with Disabilities for General Education Classrooms;
  Including use of Behavioral Management Principles


 PRDV 74124


  Creating Quick Reponse (QR) Codes for 
  the Classroom



 PRDV 74224


  Integrating Mobile Devices into English
  and History/Social Studies Curriculum

 PRDV 74324
  Prezi: Watch Your Words Come Alive
 PRDV 74423


 The Flipped Classroom


 PRDV 74724
 Shake the Sodium!
 PRDV 75117
 Teaching Adolescent Literature
 PRDV 78717
 Using Children's Lit. to Teach Rev. War History
 PRDV 79217

  Using Patterns to Develop Algebraic Thinking


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Course Credit Notes: 

1.00 Course-credit is equivalent to 4.0 credits (or semester hours)
0.75 Course-credit is equivalent to 3.0 credits (or semester hours)
0.50 Course-credit is equivalent to 2.0 credits (or semester hours)
0.25 Course credit is equivalent to 1.0 credit (or semester hour)

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