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CDI Meetings
It is never too late to join CDI; we encourage students, faculty and staff to become members. If you have any questions about CDI, please contact CDI Co-Chairs Sue Dargan at or Millie Gonzalez at

Meeting Dates: Wednesday, 2/19, Monday, 3/31, Wednesday, 4/23

To submit a request for funding to the budget subcommittee, send your proposal by the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

Upcoming Events

Printable list of upcoming Diversity Dialogues and CDI events for Fall 2013

CDI has its own Twitter account. If you would like to publicize any events, activities or news related to diversity and inclusion on our campus or outside of our campus, email the information to or

Diversity and Inclusion Research Guide
Access resources on diversity and inclusion through this online research guide.

diversity logo

Framingham State University is committed to diversity in a variety of areas: faculty/staff, the student body, and the curriculum.  Diversity is a broad concept, and we are especially engaged in supporting it as it relates to racial/ethnic identity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, religion, physical ability, teaching style, learning style, and political philosophy.

At Framingham State we believe that diversity among faculty, staff, the student body, and curriculum, will contribute to our community's understanding of the multicultural world and will enhance the quality of the learning experience on campus.  It is widely recognized that a diverse academic and work setting will enrich teaching and research and will promote creativity, productivity, and innovation.

Please explore the links to the left to learn about the many Framingham State events, courses, organizations, and other resources that support and celebrate our diversity!

What's Up With That Logo?

The concept behind this logotype is divergence and awareness. The elements of the logo can be interpreted in many different ways. Some might say they look like abstracted people, others might say it looks like a flame. These ambiguous shapes serve as aids for people to create their own associations and interpretations. The “flame-like” shapes speak of change and motion; as a growing university we are on the verge of new ventures every day. The abstraction of people relates to our institution as a community of growth and interaction between people.  The consciousness of diversity at Framingham State is portrayed through the use of color. You have three ‘bodies’ of color, indicated by the “flame-like” shapes. These three ‘bodies’ do not maintain the same color as their ‘heads’, indicated by the circles. It is through representation that the idea of awareness and branching out is being shown. Each figure is aware of the other and you can see how a relationship begins to building because together the three elements are one logo. Much like our university, there are individual students here of different race, color, gender, sexual orientation etc. but all together, as one, we are Framingham State.

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