Alexander Zhivich

Visiting Lecturer of Chemistry, Chemistry & Food Science Department

Betsey Whitman

Professor Emerita, Mathematics Department
Brandi Van Roo

Brandi Van Roo, PhD

Professor, Biology Department
Photo of Dr. Rachel Trousdale

Rachel Trousdale, Ph.D

Associate Professor, English Department

Britney Toomey

Visiting Instructor, M.Ed. - Early Childhood Education
Photo of Dr. Zahra Tohidinia

Zahra Tohidinia, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Marketing Department

Dwayne Thomas

Visiting Lecturer of Business, Management and Business Information Technology Department

Ellen Terron

Visiting Lecturer, Fashion Design & Retailing Department
Argyroula Stamatopoulou

Argyroula Stamatopoulou

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Chemistry & Food Science Department
Brian Souza

Brian Souza, PhD

Associate Professor, Nutrition & Health Studies Department
Amanda Simons

Amanda Simons, PhD

Professor and Chair, Biology Department

Eike Satake

Visiting Lecturer, Mathematics Department

Alexandra Sanchez

Workshop Instructor, John C. Stalker Institute of Food & Nutrition
Sandra Sanchez

Sandra Sanchez, PhD

Assistant Professor, Biology Department

Anna Ryan

Danforth Faculty, Danforth Art Museum
Photo of Dr. Virginia E. Rutter

Virginia E. Rutter, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita of Sociology