Office of Community Standards

March 31, 2020

Dear Students,

We hope that you, your loved ones, and friends are safe and healthy.

The Office of Community Standards is currently operating remotely in an effort to comply with state, federal, and institutional guidance and halt the spread of COVID-19. All services and resources of the Office remain available to you and Community Standards staff may be reached by email or phone between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM each business day.

Should you call and reach our voicemail, please leave a detailed message, as well as how we can reach you, and we will respond to your call. You can also reach us at Your patience and understanding are appreciated during this time.

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Our Purpose 

The Office of Community Standards is dedicated to fostering ethical citizenship and responsible decision making in our students while serving two primary functions for the University. 

Working in conjunction with the Associate Dean of Students and Residence Life, Community Standards’ first function is to resolve complaints which allege violations of the Student Code of Conduct. The University has the responsibility, as well as the authority, to take proper disciplinary action in response to behaviors which may violate the Code of Conduct and therefore threaten to disrupt the mission of the institution. Any member of the University community may bring forward a formal complaint against a student for such behaviors. Community Standards responds to these alleged violations in a manner which protects both the University’s mission and the members of our campus community, including respondents. Notably, the resolution process we utilize was established in accordance with the concept of “due process,” which means that students are notified of any alleged violations and are given opportunities to review the complaint and be heard before any decision is rendered. 

The second function of Community Standards is to serve as a resource for students, faculty and staff. Our office educates students on standards of behavior by raising awareness of the Code of Conduct and by promoting the incorporation of ethics, integrity, and respect into their daily lives. The department also offers collaboration with faculty and staff to address behaviors or concerns in the classroom and across campus. The everyday responsibility for good conduct rests with students as individuals, which is why the second function of Community Standards is so vital to the mission of the University. 

For more information on the Student Code of Conduct or the resolution process described above, please refer to the RAM Student Handbook.



Jay Hurtubise, M.Ed.

Director of Community Standards

Office: McCarthy Center 518
Phone Number: (508) 626-4604