Cybersecurity Education

Technology alone can't always protect our computers and information. Being aware of information security issues and following best practices are the surest way to protect yourself, your family and the Framingham State community.

Here are eight important cybersecurity habits to incorporate into your online life. Try to make these habits automatic. They will help protect your information, your family and your work. They'll also reduce your risk of getting scammed!

1. Always think twice before clicking on links or opening attachments.

2. Verify requests for private information (yours or anyone’s), even if the request seems to come from someone you know.

3. Protect your passwords.

4. Protect your stuff! Lock it up or take it with you before you leave.

5. Keep a clean machine! Keep your devices, apps, browsers, and anti-virus/anti-malware software patched and up to date.

6. Back up critical files.

7. Delete sensitive information when you are done with it.

8. If it’s suspicious, report it!


On the pages linked below you will find further information curated by the Information Security Officer to help keep you informed.