IT Guide for Faculty

Access Your Campus Account

Your campus account and password give you access to most computing services on campus, including the Student Information System (Banner), the University’s learning management system, library resources, free software downloads, email and much more.

Set Up Email, Internet & Phone

All FSU faculty have access to our open wireless network on campus, and each are assigned a unique campus telephone number and email email address.


Every employee should have access to a black and white printer, a color printer and a copy machine located near their office.

Use Classroom Technology

Many classrooms and meeting spaces across campus have been equipped with audio/visual projection systems.

Use Technology for Teaching and Learning

Create secure, interactive course websites through our learning management system, Canvas, access additional online course tools, apply for a Teaching With Technology Grant and use the University's online survey platform.

Meet & Collaborate

FSU meeting spaces are equipped with technology to help you present and collaborate. Faculty also have access to various web conferencing and calendaring systems.

Get Free/Discounted Hardware & Software

Each full-time faculty member is assigned a laptop computer with pre-loaded software. As part of our Microsoft Campus Agreement, the University is able to offer software to our employees for personal use at a deeply discounted price.

Stay Informed & Get Help

Use the links below to learn more about teaching with technology workshops and training, current ITS projects and how to create accessible materials for your courses.