Locate Print Stations

Most departments have their own printers or share with other departments on their floor. Every employee should have access to a black and white printer, a color printer and a copy machine located near their office. Each building on campus has a copier for faculty and staff to use in a centrally located area. All copy machines are networked so faculty and staff can print to them and many have a fax card built into them to send or receive faxes. For larger print jobs, the Copy Center is available for faculty and staff only.

Use the Copy Center

The Copy Center and Print Shop offer services to the departments, faculty and staff of Framingham State University. Both offices are located in Whittemore Library. Job Order/Request Forms are available on the myframingham site, and must include departmental fund and org codes.
For more information or assistance with your copy or print job, contact:

Copy Center: Betty Sullivan 508-626-4669

Print Shop: Ralph Massa 508-626-4673